Keynote speakers
Seven high-level specialist all over the world are engaged to arrive to Rovaniemi and make a speech lightening their expertice of non-timber forest products.
Margarida Tomé Professor at Instituto Superior de Agronomia, Universidade de Lisboa. Teaches Forest Resources Inventory, Forest Modelling and Forest Management. Coordinates the Forest Resources Inventory and Modelling Group (ForChange), one of the research groups of CEF (Forest Research Centre), that has the aim to develop scientifical methods for Atlantic and Mediterranean forest ecosystem management. She has been strongly involved with EFI and IUFRO.
Frank Drummond Professor of agricultural ecology at the University of Maine, US. His training is in botany (B.S.), entomology (M.S.), and quantitative ecology (PhD). He has worked with wild blueberry researching pest management, pollination, bee biology, blueberry genetics, blueberry physiological ecology, flower cold tolerance, and food safety microbiology.
Camilla Sandström Professor of in political science. Expertise sustainable use of natural resources without conflicts between partners, University of Umeå, Sweden.
Lotte Holm Professor. Expertice in social and cultural aspects of food in various settings, University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Heikki Kallio Professor Emeritus (Food Chemistry), Food Chemistry and Food Development, University of Turku. Visiting Professor, Food Chemistry and Functional Foods, Jinan University, Guangzhou, China. Specialized in lipids, colors and aroma compounds of Nordic foods. Chromatographic, mass spectrometric and supercritical fluid technologies are the main technologies applied. Special interest in Scandinavian berries.

Emil Byström Dr., SpinChem Inc., Sweden. SpinChem is a biochemistry enterprice and provides technology solutions that reshape the way chemical process work is performed.

Antti Kuivalainen M.SC in Eng, is an entrepreuner having majority share holders interest in several companies in Lapland. One them is Forest of Lapland Oy which focuses on producing extracts from the plants of the northern forest to be used in pharmaceuticals and in cosmetics. The company also develops extraction method based on pressured hot water extraction technology.