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This wonderful 24 hours lasting event filled with trainings and speakers was a real success. Over 2500 participants from 85 countries were watching Togethernet 24h, some even the entire 24 hours.  We loved to make this event with you. 

Many of you have asked us for the materials. The whole event was not recorded. However, some trainers and keynote speakers might share their personal recordings or presentations later.  
This information is collected here and updated.
Videos and playlists: 
NEW: End Credits
TogetherNet 24 h team and partnership credits
NEW: Dr. Ville Voipio
Personal experiences on critical situation
Michaela Palmberg
JCI Finland National President Michaela Palmberg's greeting
Ruth Gabler-Schachermayr
Grow your audience: Build your network online
Irina Kujanpää
Take a Look at the Future - A Brief Introduction to Foresight Methods
Jussi Ahonen
Master Your Memory
Marlen Wehner
How to be present without presence? Facilitation of high Impact Trainings in an online Environment 
Jenni Ahlstedt  
Not WHAT nor WHY but HOW – The Jenni Story
Kevin Hin
Greetings from JCI Headquarters
Joanna Mamczur, Katarzyna Geiger, Michael Młynarski, Wojciech Paździor, Damian Ratajczak
Panel discussion
Jay Johnson
Leading in a Crisis: How Leadership's Behavior Will Make or Break an Organization
Juha Ketola & Simo Engbom
Fireplace talk - Lean & Continuous Improvement 
Magí Senserrich Guitart
Value yourself: the skills development in organizations
Bene Bailleul
How To Lead With Impact From Home
Eero Yrjö-Koskinen
The challenges of reaching a low-carbon economy
(this video is available for download only until 23.4.2020!)
Xènia Castelltort Pedragosa
Confidence beyond words
(this video is available for watching only until 17.5.2020!)
Materials in other form: 
Eero Yrjö-Koskinen
The challenges of reaching a low-carbon economy
Petri Niskanen
Crisis Leadership
If you really loved our keynotes and trainers, maybe consider searching information where to see them presenting in the future and making effort to attend those events too 😉