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Note that all of the following times are at UTC+3. Check the time in your zone for example in
5 pm – 12 am (UTC +3) 
5:00 Welcome to Togethernet 24 h   
6:00  The challenges of reaching a resilient low-carbon economy 
Eero Yrjö-Koskinen, Finland Chamber of Commerce 
6:45 Sustainable Global Goals
Mia Pohjanheimo
7:00 Personal experiences on critical situation  
Dr. Ville Voipio
7:30 Building peace during a pandemic 
Ashlea Elliott
8:00 Grow your audience: Build your network online 
Ruth Gabler-Schachermayr, Founder of CareerMum, Speaker and trainer, JCI Austria 
9:00 How To Lead With Impact From Home 
Bene Bailleul
10:00 Take a Look at the Future - A Brief Introduction to Foresight Methods
Irina Kujanpää, JCI Finland 
10.30 Exponential Leadership & Value Creation
Tero J. Kauppinen, Viagroup Oy
11:00 Crisis Leadership 
Petri Niskanen
11:30 Value yourself: the skills development in organizations
Magí Senserrich Guitart, JCI Catalonia
12 am – 6 am (UTC +3) 
00:00 How JCI changed me as an entrepreneur?
Naushad Choudhury interviewed by Maria Arjonen 
00:30 Chair exercices
Peter Van De Velde, Immediate Past President of JCI Innovation
The Art of Saying NO
Per Kristian Haakonsen, Development Manager for ACAMS Airport Tower Solutions
02:00 Elevator Pitch Basics – learn the objective and basics of an elevator pitch
Margie Hibbard,  Canada
03:00 Master your Memory
Jussi Ahonen, JCI Finland
04:00 How to be present without presence?
Facilitation of high Impact Trainings in an online Environment 
Marlen Wehner
05:00 Guiding your organisation through the crisis to a better future 
Hanno Jarvet, JCI Estonia
05:35 Not WHAT nor WHY but HOW – The Jenni Story  
Jenni Ahlstedt  
6 am – 12 pm (UTC +3) 
06:00 Greetings from JCI Headquarters  
Kevin Hin, Secretary General of the Junior Chamber International (JCI)
06:45 Positive seduction
John Di Rico
07:00 Panel discussion
Mastermind by JCI Poland: How to find and build competitive advantage for SME business in the times of crisis? 
Joanna Mamczur, Katarzyna Geiger, Michael Młynarski, Wojciech Paździor, Damian Ratajczak
8:00 Leading in a Crisis: How Leadership's Behavior Will Make or Break an Organization
Jay Johnson, JCI USA
8:30 Debating: Building your Case
Ben Hall, Senior Associate at Spencer Stuart, Secretary of JCI Dublin
9:00 Fireplace talk - Lean & Continuous Improvement
Juha Ketola & Simo Engbom, JCI Finland 
9:30 Confidence beyond words
Xènia Castelltort Pedragosa, JCI Catalonia 

10:00 Remote teamwork and leadership
Sanna-Riikka Valtonen, JCI Finland
11:30 Work smarter, not harder. Automating the boring stuff and leveraging your data
Jonathan Teir, Greenstep
12 pm –  5 pm (UTC +3) 
12:00 Yoga time!
Katja Mattila
12:30 Sustainable Global Goals
Mia Pohjanheimo
01:00 The Age of Imagination – How to Speak and Lead in the Post-Corona Era
André Noël Chaker
02:30 Delivering Effective Feedback 
Alexandra Botos, Chief Accountant at M&D Expert Consulting, JCI Romania International Affairs Vice-president
03:00 Basics of speech writing 
Kaisa Marin, JCI Finland
03:30 Speech competition 
04:00 How to ride the waves of lemons hitting your life
Rasmus Basilier, JCI Finland 
There are several trainings and keynote speakers to be  confirmed. Stay tuned! 
The organizer reserves the right to make changes to the event program.