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The Age of Imagination – How to Speak and Lead in the Post-Corona Era 
André Noël Chaker
André Noël Chaker is one of Finland’s leading business speakers and writers. He was voted Speaker of the Year 2012 by the customers of Speakers Forum Finland and Speaker, Moderator and Coach of the Year at the Finnish Evento Awards in 2014. In 2015 he received the Business Moderator of the Year award by the customers of Speakers Forum. He was once again nominated Speaker of the Year in 2017. For the past five years André has spoken at over 500 business events in Finland and abroad.

Coach and motivational speaker 
As a coach and motivational speaker Petri’s experience is unique based on thousands of trainings and speeches around the world in over 60 countries. As a speaker he uses his unrivalled own experiences, clarifying stories and humor to make understanding easier. 
Petri feels at home in front of big audiences as well as with small groups. Via TV he has had viewers of hundreds of thousands f.ex. in the USA, Dominican Republic and The Philippines. 
In 1998 he was elected as the first Finn to the office of the World President of JCI (Junior Chamber International), an organization that operates in more than 100 countries. 
-> Crisis Leadership 
Crisis is a situation where the leadership skills are measured. To be able to lead a group – small or big – the leader must know how to act in these situations. Petri has created stairs to follow to walk through these situations. 

Engineer, professor and President of the Igualada Trade Fair. 
2020 JCI Strategic Plan Implementation Committee member for Europe
Born on 28 July 1983 in Barcelona, Catalonia, Magí Senserrich Guitart is currently based in Igualada. He holds a master’s degree in social leadership transformation and is also a technical industrial engineer.
-> Value yourself: the skills development in organizations
Have you ever wondered which skills and competences you acquire when you participate in an organization? Have you ever reflected on what you have learned? 
It is worth value your learnings from your experiences when you look for a job, apply for a job promotion, gain access to a new career opportunity or set up a company.

National public speaking champion 2011 of JCI Finland.
Kaisa has been training and coaching public speaking from different aspects ever since. She is especially enthusiastic about the speech writing process and she believes firmly that everyone can become an awesome and impactful speaker. Her training style is supportive and relaxed with a firm focus on the goal.
-> Basics of speech writing 
25min spurt into the world of speeches. Kaisa will share a simple technique and her best tips to make your speech writing process easier and your speeches more impactful. Be ready to experience speech writing from a new, exciting point of view! 
Doctor Ville Voipio is a specialist in anesthesia and intensive care medicine with special competence in pre-hospital care. Dr. Voipio is working full time as a senior consultant HEMS-physician at Helicopter Emergency Medical Services in Finland, and has experience from the field for eighteen years. He has a huge interest on human performance in high stress situation, situation awareness, tactical leadership and mental preparedness for mentally challenging situations.
-> Personal experiences on critical situation
His lecture opens thru real cases of how he has felt on these situations and tells his ways to survive in challenging surroundings.
Founder of CareerMum, Speaker and Trainer  

Ruth began her career in education in Europe, where she started a Children and Youth University for children from different social backgrounds and managed the concept for five years. In 2009, Ruth was awarded with a Fulbright Scholarship to enhance her education with a Master’s Degree in Nonprofit Management in the United States. Since then, she has consulted businesses, NGOs and the private sector on creating a „Case of Support“ and raising needed funds mainly in Belgium, Germany, Austria and the US.  
-> Grow your audience: Build your network online 
LinkedIn is the Nr. 1 tool to get connected worldwide. Why not use the time now to extend your network and use LinkedIn professionally to grow your audience? 55 mins of tips to market yourself, get active and start sharing content. Get started now!  

Trainer, Partner, CEO
Jay Johnson is an internationally renowned speaker specializing in behavior and organizational development. Jay has given keynotes and workshops in 20 countries across 4 continents, empowering audiences with a unique perspective on behavior, communication, and leadership. Jay works with Fortune 100 companies and national organizations alike and is a designated Master Trainer from the ATD. He has served in local government as well as an International Vice President for JCI assigned to Europe.
SANNA-RIIKKA VALTONEN develops people and businesses. Sanna-Riikka has over 10 years of experience of remote leadership in retail industry and nowadays she works in internationally remote team. Creating and implementing strategy to everyday business is Sanna-Riikka ́s expertise as well as shift work leadership.
-> Remote teamwork and leadership
Remote team can be as efficient and make as good results as team whose members are working at the same office. It is important to understand potential risks of remote teamwork and where the challenges come from to prevent them and intervene to them early enough. With this training you will learn tips for good remote leadership, creating good community and developing co-operation in remote team.

Network Manager
Boost Turku Entrepreneurship Society,

-> How to ride the waves of lemons hitting your life
You will have a crisis in your life. If you have already had one, the next one is waiting tostrike. We all share this predicament of life, but it is still really hard on us when it happens. Some people have more crisis than others. And I don’t mean as a crybaby teenagercomplaining that life is unfair. I mean bigger life changing events. And also smaller but verydifficult situations. There are lessons to be learned from those people. So that the next time you find yourself ina crisis, you will remember some of the hints from “that guy in that webinar”.
Welcome to the sea of lemons - pick up your surfboard and let’s start learning how masterthose sour waves of chaos!

Founder and Trainer, Express Yourselfi. 
Pedragosa started her acting career in Barcelona where she graduated in Drama. She continued her training in London where I focused on Shakespeare and contemporary theatre. Later on she moved to Argentina to continue improving on drama. The mastery of voice and non verbal language has led her to carve out a career in the world of public speaking and presentation events, which had been undertaken in Catalan, Spanish and English, her fluent languages. After all these experience she decided to found “Express Yourselfi” a public speaking school where we teach high school & University students and International companies to become better speakers.
-> Confidence beyond words
The key to success in a presentation is to show confidence even though we are nervous in front of an audience. In this workshop we will learn tips to show confidence, control our body language and identify the movements we do that show nerves. It’s normal to be nervous but the audience don’t have to see it!

Juha is an entrepreneur who has turned his passion to profession. Working daily with the retail industry to support the retailers to reduce the waste of food and resources in their stores. His journey with Lean and continuous improvement started in the early 2010's and he has been training the topic for hundreds of people around Finland. Juha is also JCI Senator and participates actively in the JCI events all around the globe. 
Simo is a Lean Six Sigma Black belt who is utilizing his continues improvement methodologies and technics in multinational technology company. He sees the people and the leadership as the most important part of the continuous improvement journey. He has solid training experience from 5 different continents and is eagerly developing also his skills every day. Simo is this year's Local President in JCI Hämeenlinna and is also a familiar face in JCI events all around the world. 
->Fireplace talk - Lean & Continuous Improvement
Juha and Simo will discuss our views and experiences on the history, current state and the future of the continuous improvement thinking. During the discussion we share our findings, general knowledge and our opinions on the various tools, techniques and philosophies related to the topic. Grab a cup of coffee and join us for the relaxed fireplace talk! 

Marlen Wehner, Communication Trainer and Skills Development Director JCI Germany
Marlen has been training entrepreneurs and young Leaders with a passion for leadership, communication and presentation since 2014. In her trainings, the focus is on the learning experience of the participants and she is a real flipchart enthusiast. In her Course, she explains how she personally and as current Skills Development Director of JCI Germany tackles the challenge of "digital training".
->How to be present without presence?
Facilitation of high Impact Trainings in an online Environment 
At the end of this course you will understand the interaction of the  elements in the context of training, know how  online environment  affects them and have experienced  best practic e to successfully facilitate high Impact trainings in an online environment.

Development Specialist, Regional Coordinator
Jussi is a long term JC with eight years of experience in this organization. He has trained much in JCI including his own trainings in JCI European and World Congresses. He is rewarded as the most outstanding trainer of the year in Finland in the year 2018. He has also worked several years as a teacher. Jussi has always been very interested in developing himself and sharing that info to others 
->Master Your Memory
Would you like to be assured that you can trust your memory? 
That you know that your tasks will be done even if you forget your calendar home? 
Would it be of use to simply know that you can remember things you want, anything related to work, school, home or hobbies? Bad memory doesn't exist if your brain is functioning normally. 
Things that exist are bad and good memorizing techniques. In this training you will learn how to memorize list, tasks and bigger pictures easily and with little effort. 
This techique will be rehearsed in training.
"Could this really be so easy?" asked one participant. Yes it can and will, but only if you remember to show up!

Chef Accountant at M&D Expert Consulting
Alexandra wishes trough her work, to create challenging opportunities, so that people can develop and reach their full potential. She is a trainer since 2017 and has delivered training internationally including at the European Youth Event organized by the European Parliament. She has a diploma in psychology, Human Resources and Neuro-Linguistic Programming practice.
-> Delivering Effective Feedback
We are living in a digital world where we program feedback in algorithms, we receive feedback at every post, every story and even message. We are in love with positive feedback and tend to avoid anything that can bring us negative reactions, especially on social networks. Welcome to the 21 century where feedback is no longer a tool but a drug. How about face to face feedback at our workplace, at home with our family, that should be healthy right? Yes, it should, if we actually know what feedback is, why it is and how to receive, give and ask for it!

JCI Poland invites you to the Business Mastermind session held with experienced professionals whose passionate conversation about business will help you find competitive advantages for your company – through the principles of effective leadership and sustainability.  
In the times of crisis many businesses struggle how to manage their employees, sustain cashflows and maintain good relationships with clients. The goal of this session is to provide you with examples of best practices and with practical tips how you can lead your company in the challenging market conditions. 
In this Mastermind session you will have the opportunity to get to know CEOs, founders, entrepreneurs and experts from the fields of IT, Supply Chain, Leadership, Law, Marketing and digital education who share their know-how and experiences based on real-life examples of developing their own businesses as well as supporting companies from micro-scale to big international groups. 
Joanna Mamczur – National President of JCI Poland, Attorney-at-law and Owner at Mamczur Law Firm 
Joanna is the National President of JCI Poland and international business lawyer admitted to the Bar of Advocates in Warsaw, Poland. Joanna has been running her own practice Mamczur Law Firm ( for 7 years and has been advising on complex international corporate law issues for 15 years, incl. Banking & Finance, restructuring, contracts negotiations, personal data protection, litigation and many others. In years 2007-2011 highly involved in the management of complex legal issues and transactions emerging from the global financial crisis. Graduated with law degrees from the universities in Tours and Paris (France) – Master of French Business Law, Frankfurt am Main (Germany) – LL.M. Finance degree and Poland – Master of Polish Laws.  
Her portfolio includes international institutional clients as well as SMEs and innovative startups. Joanna is passionate for the concept of life-long learning and, therefore, enjoys teaching, moderating Business Mastermind meetings as well as learning from practitioners and experienced professionals.
Katarzyna Geiger (Kasia) – Supply Chains Expert based in Switzerland, Pragmathica
Kasia is an experienced international supply chain manager in both international corporate and SME environments. She holds degrees in economics, culture science and sustainable value chains from German and British universities. Her interests focus on the impact of sustainability concerns on supply chain and corporate strategy making, business sustainability, education for sustainable development, and social enterprises and sustainable Lifestyle. 
Michael Młynarski  (Michał) – Founder and CEO of IT company of 200 people - based in Munich, Germany
Michael is the founder and CEO of QualityMinds ( a company focusing on Quality Assurance and Agile Methods in Software Engineering. He is leading over 200 awesome minds across Germany, Poland and Netherlands. The company is based on principles known from New Work & Agile Organisation Models. His “Herzblut” is mainly Leadership, Technology and Innovation. Besides QualityMinds Michael is also an Investor and Business Angels for several startups in IT and BioTech. He originally comes from Poland and has a PhD in Computer Science.
Wojciech Paździor (Wojtek) – Founder and CEO at Active Strategy based in Wrocław, Poland 
Founder and CEO at Active Strategy, a consultant and trainer since 2003. He specializes in improving leadership skills and teamwork in IT and manufacturing companies. Customers contact him when they want to change the style of team management or the company culture and atmosphere. He designs and delivers programs for entrepreneurs, managers and project managers. He has worked with: 3M, Allegro, Atos, Oracle, Samsung, Siemens, Techland, Volvo, Volkswagen, Whirlpool.
Damian Ratajczak – business owner and CEO at Sowa Marketing Agency and at QUPI - digital education for medicine students based in Poznań, Poland
Damian Ratajczak is the CEO of, the world’s largest medical question bank, and SOWA Marketing, a global business consultancy. Over a decade long career in business Damian has a proven track-record in using technology to find innovative solutions to common problems. Working with brands in fields as diverse as medical education, lingerie and publishing, Damian achieved consistent success at helping companies expand their audience, focus their message, and convert a local following into a global fanbase. As the business focused CEO of QUPI, a brand on the cutting edge of medical education, Damian connects those with the medical knowledge with those who have the technical know-how to make studying medicine easier and more efficient than ever before. This same passion for making connections and increasing efficiency powers Damian’s approach to SOWA marketing, whose clients are based around the globe. 

->How To Lead With Impact From Home?
Bene developed the ‘IMPACT’ method to increase performance and well-being of managers and their teams. 
Bene is a former officer of the Belgian Army and has over 20 years of experience as a trainer, coach, mentor.  
He led thousands of executives to a more powerful and confident management style, allowing them to really enjoy leadership and life. 
He is the author of two books: 'Leadership with IMPACT' and 'A top team in 10 steps'. Until today, available in Dutch  only . 
How may I help you? 

-> Elevator Pitch Basics – learn the objective and basics of an elevator pitch
My name is Margie Hibbard, JCI Senator #74648. I’m a former local and regional president in Penticton BC Canada. In 2016, I won the Elevator Pitch Competition at the JCI World Congress. I was the founder of the app company SendOutSupport, but for the most part, enjoy my time as a full time homemaker for my husband, two kids and two dogs.

Per Kristian Haakonsen is Development Manager for ACAMS Airport Tower Solutions, Immediate Past President of JCI Innovation, public speaker, involved in several companies, values his private life, loves to travel and staying healthy. Balancing these responsibilities is impossible without knowing when to say YES and when to say NO.
-> The Art of Saying NO
Without the ability to set your own limits, you cannot fully empower yourself, others and your community to create the positive change you need. 

You are busy. Your time is precious. JCI, colleagues, boss, clients, friends, spouse and kids all need your valuable time. You can't do everything, yet saying NO is difficult and feels wrong. This course teaches you the importance of trust, prioritizing, dealing with difficult people, saying NO and importantly, saying YES. 

Leaving this course, you will be equipped with concrete tools you can start using immediately and great tips for further reading and development.

This course is for everyone who feels like they have too much to do.

Oona Rantamäki cheers for a physically active lifestyle. She’s a physiotherapist and a Health Sciences master student in University of Eastern Finland. As a group exercise professional she has gotten people to move over 15 years. She knows how to take a physically active, versatile and efficiency boosting break from sedentary brain work, at home or office.Let’s take care ourselves and tackle the sedentary behavior together!

Jenni Ahlstedt
CEO, founder and an entrepreneur, Zeny AB. 2020 JCI Vice President assigned for Europe.   
Jenni Ahlstedt is a 38-year young active citizen, a Finn who nowadays lives in Sweden. Ms. Ahlstedt has been an entrepreneur for over 16 years without a real business plan nor knowing what to do when grown-up. Jenni Ahlstedt has built her career path using her positive attitude, being ready to step up and supporting others to get things done. She joined JCI for over 12 years ago and has continuously taken new responsibility roles and development opportunities in the organization from local to national and international levels.
Not WHAT nor WHY but HOW – The Jenni Story 
Many companies focus on specialising in one business area and aiming to become the best in the world in that area. Jenni has a different story in her backpack of experiences. She is focusing on HOW to do things, and instead of WHAT, and that has become her WHY. With her open mindset, willingness to help and by being flexible Jenni Ahlstedt has started conquering the world, or at least doing business now in two countries.

Hanno Jarvet, JCI Estonia
Guiding your organisation through the crisis to a better future
Bill Clinton's chief of staff Rahm Emanuel once said: "You never let a serious crisis go to waste. And what I mean by that it's an opportunity to do things you think you could not do before."
Now is the time to step forward and help your organisation survive the crisis and to position it for success once the crisis ends. I will share with you the tools I use in my work to help my clients improve. You will learn about a decision making framework and a communication framework that can help you lead any organisation of any size to a brighter future. Your chapter, company or any other organisation.
The tools of complexity science and strategic situational awareness will help you better understand your surroundings, discuss it with colleagues, make better decisions and to act strategically.
Learning outcomes of the training:
1. Why understanding the dynamics of complexity helps you make better decisions both during and after a crisis.
2. Understanding what type of problem you are dealing with.
Navigating the different domains: ordered, complex and chaotic.
Changing your decisions and actions to suit your current domain.
2. Improving the strategic situational awareness of your organisation to better perceive, comprehend and project its surroundings.
How to come up with something better than simple scenario plans.
Value streams, evolution, sources of volatility. Identifying risk and opportunity in your surroundings.
3. stages of situational awareness: Perception, Comprehension, Projection.
Facilitating discussions, making decisions and acting strategically at all levels of the organisation.

Ben Hall 
Senior Associate at Spencer Stuart, Secretary of JCI Dublin 
Debating: Building your Case 
Ben has been debating for nearly 10 years since his first year at university. He has competed in a variety of debating formats including British Parliamentary, online debating and captained the Irish debating team who won the JCI World Debating Championships 2019. In his day job, he is a Senior Associate with leading global leadership advisory firm, Spencer Stuart.  
Whenever you are trying to persuade someone, whether in a debate, at work or in the pub, it is always important to put your case across clearly and effectively. This training gives a brief overview of how you can build your case by breaking it down into the three elements of objective, analysis and examples. The tips here will help with all debating formats and can be applied to work situations as well.  

Naushad Choudhury interviewed by Maria Arjonen JCI Finland.  
Naushad Choudhury is founder, CEO at Icon International Limited, Managing Director at Icon Tech Limited and Icon Global Limited and Development Officer at JCI APDC.  
This interview is about entrepreneurship, JCI and how has this influenced Naushad Choudhury to become the person who he is today. Interesting story of how has JCI changed him as an entrepreneur and what kind of connections there’re that attributes him to success, now and after times of crisis.

The challenges of reaching a resilient low-carbon economy 
Eero Yrjö-Koskinen, Sustainability Advisor, Finland Chamber of Commerce

Exponential Leadership & Value Creation
Tero J. Kauppinen, Founder & CEO, VIA Group

Katja Mattila will lead us to easy yoga practice. She’s yoga instructor, mental coach and engineer. Katja has previously worked as a project manager in a product development environment. She has seen and experienced the hectic working life demands. Nowadays she share well-being and yoga from the heart via her company Loving Wellness.
Why yoga? It really does good for your mental and physical well-being. You don’t need to have previous experience to show up for yoga class. Come along as you are 💛