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Keynote Speakers

Prof. James (Jim) P. Womack, Lean Enterprise Institute

Jim Womack is authors of the bestseller book: The Machine That Changed the World, which brought the concept of Lean production known worldwide. This book is translated to 11 languages and it has sold over 600 000 copies. A revised edition was published 2007. Other popular books include Lean Thinking (1996) and Lean Solutions (2005). 

Jim Womack founded  Lean Enterprise Institute 1997 and Lean Global Networkin together with Bodo Wiegandin and José Ferron.


Sammy Obara, Managing Director, Honsha Associates

Sammy Obara learned Toyota Production System when he worked at  Toyota Motors in Japan. Then he worked 13 years implementing Lean in different Toyota sites in Japan, Brazil, United States and Venezuela.  After Toyota Sammy has helped over 450 organizations in their Lean-journey.  These organizations have been from different fields, including health care, construction, retail and administration.