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Agenda Lean Management 2019

The Agenda for Lean Management Seminar 

The seminar day is divided in two parts. The program before the noon is for all the participants. In te afternoon we offer four channels to choose from according to your field of interest.

Before noon both of our keynote speakers, James (Jim) P. Womack and Sammy Obara will take the stand. Keynotes will be in English.

Jim Womack shares his vast knowledge about what he has learned during working with companies from a diverse set of industries. He also provides us with insights of the Lean World of the Future.

Sammy Obara will share his experience in Lean Leadership. After working at Toyota he has been helping over 450 clients in different fields of business on their Lean Journey. 

Juha Tammi, the Executive Manager of Lean Association of Finland, will open the seminar and present the three award winning candidates for Lean-Prize 2018.


Chair Juha Tammi, Executive Manager, Lean Association of Finland

8.00 - 8.25       Registration and Welcome Coffee

8.25 - 8.30       Welcome and Opening Remarks
                        Juha Tammi, Executive Manager, Lean Association of Finland

8.30 - 9.45       Keynote 1: The Lean World of the Future
                        James (Jim) P. Womack, professor, Lean Enterprise Institute

9.45 - 10.15    Coffee and networking

10.15 - 11.30   Keynote 2: Lean Leadership
Sammy Obara, Managing Director, Honsha Associates

10.30- 11.45    Winners of the Lean-Prize 2018
                        Juha Tammi, Executive Manager, Lean Association of Finland

11.45 - 12.45   Lunch and networking



The program of the four channels starts at 12.45 (after lunch). The seminar closes by 16.30.



All presentations are in English. Our speakers come from various countries.

Jörgen Furuhjelm,  Lean Manager Product Development at Saab Aeronautics will share his experiences on how over 2 000 R & D people can work in a Lean way.  

Marcin Gaarden from Norway works as Lean Coordinator at Ekornes ASA. He will share their great transformation journey at the Ekornes Sofa plant. 

Arnaldo Camuffo, professor at Bocconi University in Milan, Italy will share research knowledge about Lean systems and financial performance

Eivind Reke, Organizational Secretary of LOS Norge. The title of Eivind is "The Lean Sensei"


CHANNEL 1 - In English

12.45 - 13.30

Jörgen Furuhjelm

How to get 2 000 R & D personnel work in a Lean way?


Saab Aeronautics
13.35 - 14.20

Marcin Gaarden

Great transformation in Ekornes Sofa Plant

Ekornes ASA
14.20 - 14.45 Coffee and networking  
14.45 - 15.30


Arnaldo Camuffo 

Lean systems and financial performance: effects, challenges and dynamics

Bocconi University


15.35 - 16.20

Eivind Reke

The Lean Sensei

LOS Norge

16.20 - 16.30 Closing remarks  



Channel two is partly in English partly in Finnish

Tuukka Sarkki, Development Director at Vincit, a succesfull IT-company shares his experiences in Lean and Agile -world in office environment.

Taneli Mikkola, Managing Director at MSK Cabins. MSK Cabins is a succesfull contract manufacturer. Taneli will share their experiences and good results in employee health. 

Olga Andreeva, Director of ANO Japan Kaizen Institute Russia will tell about TPS in russian context; the failures and successes.

Ilpo Laitinen,  Head of Administration, STARA, Adjunct Professor University of Lapland 

CHANNEL 2 - Suomeksi/ in English

12.45 - 13.30 Tuukka Sarkki
Optimated office work
Vincit Oy
13.35 - 14.20 Taneli Mikkola
Enhancing efficiency and employee health
MSK Cabins Oy
14.20 - 14.45 Coffee and networking  
14.45 - 15.30 Olga Andreeva
Will Russian managers ride the "Fuji-san"? (in English)


ANO Japan Kaizen Institute Russia
15.35 - 16.20 Ilpo Laitinen 
Experiences from STARA Lean journey
STARA (Helsinki City Construction and Tech. Services)
16.20 -16.30 Closing remarks  

CHANNEL 3 - In Finnish


Channel 3 gives some excellent case studies of applyign Lean in different areas of business. This channel is only in Finnish.


Kari Viklund, Meyer Turku's Head of Development Department at Hull Production. Kari is going to share their experinces in process management and through put time.

Heidi Saarinen, HR Generalist at Danfoss
Anssi Ladvelin, Production Director at Danfoss

Veikko Karvanen, Process Director at Sosteri 

Liisa Ojala, Lean Manufacturing Specialist and Project Manager at Nokia Oulu factory
Juho Siipola, Head Of Production and Logistics at Nokia Oulu factory

12.45 - 13.30  Process Management and through put time
                       Kari Viklund, Meyer Turku

13.35 - 14.20   Case Danfoss
                        Heidi Saarinen & Anssi Ladvelin

14.20 - 14.45   Kahvitauko

14.45 - 15.30   To and from care without queing - by leading the processes
                        Veikko Karvanen

15.35 - 16.20  Case Nokia, Oulu factory
                       Liisa Ojala & Juho Siipola

16.20 - 16.30   Closing Remarks

CHANNEL 4 - Lean Service Creation -workshop ( In Finnish) 

Channel 4 is a workshop limited to max. 50 participants. The workshop topic is Lean Service Creation and the workshop will be held in Finnish
- How to work with multi disciplinary self organised team?
- How to get experimenting a de facto way of working?
- Getting sustainability and social impact a natural part of service creation work?
- Learn how Lean Service Creation can help you and your organisation to take the next steps as a sustainable (regarding business, org, societal) lean organisation. 

Workshop leader
Hanno Nevanlinna, Futurice Oy

14.20 -14.45 Coffee and networking

16.20 -16.30 Closing remarks