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Workshop information

Workshop information

Welcome to the 3rd workshop on Pesticide Fate and Effects on Environment in Northern Zone which will be organized in Finland, Jokioinen, 10-12 September 2024.

The aim of the workshop is to bring together researchers, authorities, advisors, industries and other related organizations for sharing knowledge through presentations and discussions related to pesticide fate and effects on environment in Nordic and Baltic countries.

The workshop was arranged earlier in Norway in 2014 and in Sweden in 2016. This time the workshop will be organized in Finland by Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke).

The purpose is to present and discuss the following topics:

  • Pesticide use in Northern Zone
  • Pesticide residues in the environment in Northern Zone
  • Effects of pesticide residues on the environment in Northern Zone
  • Pesticide risk indicators and modelling of pesticide fate

Participants have the possibility of presenting a poster or an oral presentation in the meeting. Abstract submission will be open until 30 May 2024!

The first and the second day (10-11 September 2024) are intended for all experts keen on the topic. The number of participants for the event is limited (200). So, please be on time for registration!

The third day (12 September 2024) is intended for experts working on the topic and willing to participate in the preparation of a scientific review article. The number of participants for the event is limited (30).

The registration fee covers the daily program with lunches and coffee+snacks, and the dinner/snack in both evenings 10-11 September. In addition, the fee covers bus transportation between Forssa and Jokioinen and back on all workshop days. In addition to the registration fee, please be prepared to pay for your hotel room and transportation from your point of departure to Forssa and back. Please see more information about venue and travelling in the tabs "Venue" and "Travelling".

On Tuesday evening 10 September 2024 we will visit Elonkierto exhibition park in Jokioinen. There will be about 1.5 hour park tour and after that dinner will be served in the park. Please prepare to take weather-appropriate and comfortable walking shoes with you.

On Wednesday evening 11 September 2024, a three-course dinner is served at Restaurant Villa in Forssa. Dinner will be included in the registration fee.

For further information, please contact organizers Marleena Hagner ( and Kati Räsänen (


Abstract submission will be open until 30 May 2024 here!

Registration deadline 18/8/2024 Register here!

Registration fees:
10-11 September 2024: 249 € inc. 24% tax.
10-12 September 2024: 349 € inc. 24% tax.

Further information: organizer contacts Marleena Hagner ( and Kati Räsänen (