Ecology of Soil Microorganisms 2018


Program and Speakers

  12 June Abstract Book (pdf)
  06 June A new updated program can be found here.
  15 May The poster session list was mixed due to a human mistake. A corrected list has been published 15th May. ESM2018 Poster sessions
Basic schedule for the conference:
Conference at "Helsinki Hall of Culture" (Sturenkatu 4, 00510, Helsinki).
  SUNDAY  Jun 17th   
  13 Doors open, Registeration & speakers service open

Opening of the Conference
Chairs: Taina Pennanen, Hannu Fritze
Microorganisms in ecosystem functions and human health

  18:05-20:00 Get-together reception in  "Helsinki Hall of Culture"
  MONDAY Jun 18th
  8:00 Registration & speakers service opens
  8:30 Microbes in cold environments
Chairs: Sara Hallin, Krista Peltoniemi, lightning talks Sannakajsa Velmala
  10:00 Coffee break
  10:30 Conference continues
  12:10 Lunch
  12:45 Poster session 1 starts
  14:00 Microbes in stressed environments
Chairs: Anders Tunlid, Leho Tedersoo, lightning talks Sannakajsa Velmala
  15:25 Coffee break
  15:55 New methodological approaches
  18:00 The conference day ends
  19:00-20:30 Helsinki city reception "Helsinki City Hall" (Pohjoisesplanadi 11–13)
  TUESDAY Jun 19th
  8:00 Registration & speakers service opens
  8:30 Interactions of microorganisms with biotic and abiotic environment
Chairs: Peter Baldrian, Aurélie Deveau
  10:10 Coffee break
  10:40 Conference continues
  12:10 Lunch
  12:45 Poster session 2 starts
  14:05 Fungi and their functions in soil
Chairs: David Myrold, Jenni Hultman, lightning talks Sannakajsa Velmala
  15:50 Coffee break
  16:20 Scientific sessions
  17:30 The conference day ends
  18:15 Boat transport to island Klippan,
boat leaves from address Ehrenströmintie 14
  19:00-23.30 Conference dinner "Restaurant Saaristo"
  WEDNESDAY Jun 20th
  8:30 Registration & speakers service opens
  9:00 Microbes and processing of soil organic matter
Chairs: Aino Smolander, Sue Grayston, lightning talks Sannakajsa Velmala
  10:45 Coffee break
  11:15 Conference continues
  12:35 Lunch
  13:10 Poster session 3 starts
  14:30 Scientific sessions
  16:00 Coffee break
  16:30 Regulatory mechanisms of microbes by viruses and antagonism
Chairs: Wietse de Boer, Jarkko Hantula,  lightning talks Sannakajsa Velmala
  18:30 The conference day ends
  THURSDAY Jun 21st
  8:10 Registration & speakers service opens
  8:35 Sustainability of soils
Chairs: Cindy Prescott, Katri Rankinen
  10:25 Coffee break (with sandwiches)
  10:55 Conference continues
Chairs: Jussi Heinonsalo, Pekka Vanhala, lightning talks Sannakajsa Velmala
  12:25-13:00 Closing ceremony
  13.30 Conference ends