3rd Workshop Towards Chemical Pesticide-free Agriculture

3rd Workshop Towards Chemical Pesticide-free Agriculture

October 23rd, 2019 in Helsinki. 

Organized by Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) and the Finnish Organic Research Institute (FORI)

Venue: Hotel Rantapuisto, Furuborginkatu 3, 00980 Helsinki (On the map)

Berlin workshop minutes can be uploaded here


AGENDA (draft)

8.30   Coffee available
9.00   Opening address, welcome
Johanna Buchert, Luke and Mikko Peltonen, Ministry of the Agriculture and Forestry
9.30   State of the research on alternatives for chemical pest control in Northern Europe
Professor Jari Valkonen, University of Helsinki 
9.50   Co-creation of knowledge with farmers
M.Sc. Juuso Joona, Organic farmer (TBC)
10.10   Introduction to the workshop – outcomes from the previous workshops in Paris, October 2018, and Berlin, May 2019
Christian Huyghe, INRA, Frank Ewert, ZALF, Frank Ordon, JKI
10.30   Discussion of the position paper
Frank Ewert, Christian Huyghe, Frank Ordon, workgroup chairs
    WG 1 Biological management of crop health 
WG 2 Genetics and new species for new services 
WG 3 Technology, modelling and agro-equipment
WG 4 Agri-food system transition and societal adoption 
WG 5 Drivers and impacts
11.30   Lunch
12.30   Expectations of the stakeholders
    Presentation of a regulatory authority, Alberto Mantovani, ISS, Italy (TBC)
    Presentation of the Food industry, NN (TBC)
    Presentation of the Seed industry, Katja Hämäläinen, Boreal
    Presentation of the NGOs, Henriette Christensen, PAN Europe 
13.30   Discussion
14.00   Coffee
14.30   Panel Discussion, facilitated by NN (TBC)
    - Farmers: Juuso Joona and NN (conventional)
    - Regulatory Authority: Alberto Mantovani, ISS, Italy (TBC)
    - NGO: Henriette Christensen, PAN Europe
    - Industry representative: Katja Hämäläinen, Boreal 
    - Research institute representatives: WG chairs
15.30   Next steps, wrap up and closing 
    Christian Huyghe, Frank Ewert, Frank Ordon, Sari Autio
16.00   Goodbye


More information:
Sari Autio
Research Manager, PhD
Finnish Organic Research Institute
Phone: +358 29 532 2110
Email: sari.autio(at)luke.fi