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eOppiva – online courses for all

eOppiva – online courses for all

eOppiva is digital learning platform for government administration. It also provides selection of courses open for all. Below you can find some e-Oppiva trainings available in English. More information from eOppiva-website. 
ABC of data protection for public administration personnel
You, too, process personal data in your work, or data concerning people. We made this course for you to learn more about what data protection is, why it is important, and how personal data can be processed lawfully and securely. We will also tell you what to do when personal data security has been compromised. The instructors are Johanna Järvinen, Data Protection Officer, Ministry of Justice; Kimmo Rousku, General Secretary of VAHTI (the Finnish Public Sector Digital Security Management Board) from the Digital and Population Data Services Agency; and Tuula Seppo, Chief Specialist, from Digital and Population Data Services Agency.
Digital security is everyone's responsibility. In this introductory course you will learn how to operate safely in the digital world. You will recognize work related threats and know how to manage the risks that arise from them. You will also learn to take advantage of the opportunities of the digital world. Digitally secure working life is the first part of a broader digital security training package.
Risk management is an important part of the activities of every organisation. Risk management helps organisations to achieve their objectives and enables the formation of a secure working environment. But who is responsible for risk management and how can it be implemented? This training examines what risk management means and how risks can be managed. In addition, it explores how all members of the organisation can be involved in the risk management process. The training is aimed at the organisation’s managers, digital security specialists and all who are interested in risk management. Welcome to learn!

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