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Why Jiangsu


Why Jiangsu?



Jiangsu, with largest number of new energy companies in China, is one of the major energy markets for Finnish companies. Among top 50 Chinese cities with the strongest new energy industry, there are 10 cities from Jiangsu.


Jiangsu government invests heavily in energy structure upgrading, smart energy transformation and new technologies introduction. Jiangsu province is actively seeking for energy solutions in clean and smart district heating, energy conservation, biomass to values, smart grid, distributed energy production, and more. 


The delegation visit will target at Nanjing and Suzhou, two major cities in Jiangsu. We plan to visit two major industrial parks and discuss with key local energy companies.



Jiangsu Province is vigorously promoting the development of telecommunication network, big data, smart manufacturing and smart city in recent years.  Digital economy become the core power to drive the economic growth. The total scale of ICT industry of Jiangsu Province has ranked the top level in China, especially in the field of 5G, industrial internet, internet of vehicle, smart city, smart health, smart transportation and smart environmental protection. The good cooperation with Jiangsu Province in smart city, smart manufacturing and innovation sectors would support Finnish companies to seize more business opportunities in Jiangsu.


In April 2024, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, and Ministry of Finance jointly announced the old factories equipment upgrading, digital transmission and pilot cities will enjoy the financial subsidies, Jiangsu has potential cities such as Nanjing, Suzhou, Wuxi and Changzhou to be most likely selected.


During this delegation visit, we will have match-making events with the leading smart manufacturing parks in Nanjing and Suzhou, meanwhile the meetings with targeted industry players in industrial digitalisation, smart manufacturing, industrial metaverse, etc.


Health and Sustainable Packaging

The delegation plans to visit companies in the Suzhou Industry Park (SIP). Suzhou Industrial Park is one of the most advanced industrial parks in China. In SIP, there’re 104 Fortune 500 enterprises. Bio-Pham& Health-Tec is one of the four emerging industries for the Suzhou Industrial Park. The plan is to visit pharmaceutical companies such as Johnson-Johnson, Roche, Lilly.



Jiangsu is the largest shipbuilding province in China. In 2023, Jiangsu Province ranked at top one in three major indexes: shipbuilding completion, new orders and orderbooks in China. Among them, the volume of new orders reached 495 ships with 35 million DWT, accounting for 49,3% of the national and 32,9% of the global market; the orderbooks of 943 ships with 65,5 million DWT, accounting for 47% of the national and 25,8% of the global market.


During this visit, we will have a meeting with a state-owned leading corporation that covers both shipping and shipbuilding. After the meeting with the HQ in Nanjing, we will visit the shipyards afterwards. Through these meetings, the aim is to understand the needs from Chinese shipping companies as well shipbuilding companies, to promote Finnish offerings and seek the cooperation possibilities.


Source: Business Finland China