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Research and Innovation Excellence through gender equality: New pathways and challenges


Equality leads to enhanced excellence in science, research and innovation. We need all genders and minorities on board to make sure we can tackle the grand challenges of our time. Europe needs to be inclusive to be competitive.

The Research and Innovation Excellence through gender equality: New pathways and challenges conference in Helsinki in October 2019 brings together Europe’s top speakers and thinkers working towards that goal. 

Now is the time to influence the future of gender equality. Join us for an unprecedented event with discussions that will shape the actions and policies of tomorrow.

Why now?

The consensus on gender equality as a priority in the European Union has been under duress during the past few years, which highlights the need for a renewed and reinvigorated discussion on the future directions for the gender equality effort in research and innovation. 

We need a better roadmap for institutional change to achieve gender equality throughout the system: from early education to the very top positions in R&I.

The first EC Communication on Women in Science was adopted in 1999. The same year saw the founding of the Helsinki Group on Gender in Research and Innovation. Now, 20 years later, we turn to Helsinki again. Now is the time to take stock of the developments, improvements and lessons learned in the advancement of gender equality in research and innovation (R&I). It is also time to take action on the future of gender equality in R&I. 

What’s the outcome?

This conference aims to put together a paper outlining what Europe needs to do to ensure gender equality in research and innovation in the future. The two-day event will culminate in publishing a co-created Helsinki Call for Action.

Who will be there?

Speakers and participants represent the research community, research funding institutions, top policymakers, innovation actors, the digital and tech industry, and NGOS’s. We are honoured to have former president and the first female head of state of Finland Tarja Halonen as our keynote speaker.


Follow the conference on Twitter at @NewPathways2019 together with the hashtag #NewPathwaysHelsinki!


If you have any questions related to the practicalities of the conference, please contact:

Tiia Vasko 
Event Manager 
CWT Meetings & Events

If you have any questions related to the speakers or the program of the event, please contact:

Matti Kajaste 
Ministry of Education and Culture
Department for Higher Education and Science Policy and General Upper Secondary Education
P.O. Box 29, FI-00023 Government, Finland
+358 50 573 1109

This project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 859383 – NEWPATHWAYS.