The purpose of CapMan for Good is to support entrepreneurship, education and other activity in order to further the well-being of entities that are disadvantaged due to social, health or other conditions. Through its operations, the foundation promotes the prerequisites of a healthy society. The foundation operates in accordance with its purpose mainly in the Nordic countries but may also act globally.
The idea behind CapMan for Good is to support causes and projects that concretely improve the well-being of the recipient and society. Examples of causes and projects can be the donation of educational materials to schools, mentoring of entrepreneurs with an immigrant background or organising work commutes for people with a disability. Your suggestion may consider an individual, a family, an existing organisation or school, or relate to something completely different that fosters entrepreneurship and where the comprehensive effects of well-being go beyond a single individual. We want to hear your thoughts regarding what is important, what you want to contribute to and where we can make an impact together.
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We want to hear your suggestions!

Please send in your suggestions before 30 September
1. Please provide the name of the cause / charity / project
2. Please provide a description of the cause / charity / project
3. Please provide a source for additional information (Contact person, website etc.)
4. Please describe how the cause / charity / project meets the purpose of CapMan for Good
How are the following criteria met?
5. The cause / charity / project is Nordic
6. The cause / charity / project has societal significance
7. CapMan for Good's contribution has a direct impact to the cause
8. Are you aware of any conflicts of interest between the suggested cause / charity / project and CapMan? If yes, please provide a description.
9. Please provide your name if you are willing to invest your own personal time in this cause / charity / project?