ACTION workshops give you practical skills to develop your business idea or ongoing business further. To participate this workshop you should have at least some kind of a business idea to work with.
Time: 13.11. at 16-19.00
Location: Pasila campus, 2003
Theme: New Trade Secrets Act
Content: In this workshop you will learn more about the new Act which contains a definition of a trade secret and lays down provisions on the unlawful acquisition, use and disclosure of trade secrets. The Act also defines the means for lawful acquisition of trade secrets and lays down provisions on the preconditions for reporting misconduct and illegal activity and for the exercise of the right to freedom of expression regardless of the protection of trade secrets.
Teacher: Your trainer in this workshop is Janne Jokinen.
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Did you know that you can also gain credits from attending our ACTION workshops?
After you have attended five workshops, you combine a portfolio where you show us what you have learned, and how you will combine (or have combined) those with your business idea.
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