How does the Covid-19 coronavirus affect your studies at ÅAU?

At which faculty do you study? *
In what degree program do you study or are you an exchange student? *
How has the Covid-19 coronavirus affected your studies? *
How do you perceive the communication about the Covid-19 situation? (is it for example clear to you what is required of you in course work, when more course information is given and who to ask which questions?) *
What challenges has the Covid-19 coronavirus brought to your studies? (For example: availability of study materials, are you depending on software that is only available only on ÅAU computers, have courses been cancelled) *
How could the problems most easily be solved? *
Do you have any questions regarding your studies or your income? (We're gathering FAQ's for our social media. Your question can other students!) *
If you want advice urgently and don’t know who to contact at ÅAU, please be in touch with us and we’ll try our best to help you or guide you to the right person!
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