Questions for validation of MAP, Mineral resource Assessment Platform

This questionnaire is produced by the MAP-project to gather information for the development of new assessment tools for the quantification of undiscovered mineral resources.

MAP will be an open source software platform that will enhance and upgrade the methodology and software used for the quantitative assessment of undiscovered mineral resources or ”yet-to-find-resources” (how much, how many, how large, what commodities). The MAP software will integrate mineral prospectivity modelling tools (mathematical tools like weight of evidence, characteristic analysis or fuzzy logic) into the three-part assessment method to produce quantitative probabilistic estimates of the amount of undiscovered resources in a given area (a play or a pemissive tract). The results will be reported in multiple formats, including maps, data tables and text explanations.

The software and assessment results will be relevant for all stakeholders interested and involved in land use planning, mineral resource management in general and mineral resource assessment. This includes spatial planners, exploration companies, mining companies, local, regional and national governments, environmental organizations, geological surveys, consultancy companies, universities and research organizations.

With this online inquiry, the MAP project team aims at getting feedback from relevant stakeholders about how they do quantitative mineral resource assessments today, what kinds of results they find useful, and what future requirements they see for the methodology and software tools used and for the results produced.

Your feedback will allow us to develop a software platform for the present and the future!


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1. Present situation

1.1 What commodities are you primarily working with? *
1.2 What sector are you primarily involved in? *
1.3 Do you estimate or gather quantitative information on undiscovered mineral resources? *
1.4 Which methods do you use when you do quantitative mineral resource assessment? *
1.5 Which software do you use? *
1.6 How often do you carry out assessments of undiscovered mineral resources? *
1.9 Have you tried any other methods than the one/ones you are using today? *
2.1 Could MAP be an alternative for you to acquire quantitative assessments of undiscovered natural resources? *

3. Users and competition for MAP

3.1 From the description above, would a product with these characteristics be unique/ innovative? *
3.3 How large user base would you envisage for a product like MAP? A user is somebody that would run the software and carry out the assessment. *
3.4 Please identify the three most important groups of users of the MAP platform. *