MIC2025 Micro Challenge 1: 
How to fit the valve parts accurately together

Problem: Fitting the part to the valve accurately is the challenge. How would you solve the challenge? What kind of automation or robotics should be used here?

Watch the video: 



Please provide your solution in any commonly used formats. The proposal should include a short text description of the solution to the problem and possible illustrations. Send your suggestion by 1.4.2019 to: info@robocoast.eu

Robocoast will give a stipend for two best solutions provided. The stipend is for covering the travel costs to SEDIC Symposium, where the winners can pitch their solutions for the MIC2025 modernisation programme representatives. In order to get the stipend the winner or a representative from his or hers team must attend the seminar in person. The winning solutions of each challenge competition will be given to the organization which has opened the challenge competition but it will not be published otherwise. Robocoast will not pay or compensate otherwise for the participation or the solutions provided by the contestants.
Micro Challenges is a series of challenge competitions set to promote the possibilities of Made in China 2025 program. It offers a unique possibility to showcase ones expertise in different fields of industry.
The winner of each challenge competition will earn an opportunity to pitch the solution and showcase the expertise in SEDIC Symposium in Ningbo China. At the Symposium there will be present the public officials responsible for the modernization cases of the Chinese industry and the leaders of the MIC2025 programme.
Also two “stipends” of 3000€ will be given to cover the travelling expenses to Ningbo. The two stipends will be chosen from the best solutions of the Micro Challenge Series.
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