Welcome to SUSPLACE Final Event 2019!

The SUSPLACE Final Event “Exploring places & practices through transformative methods” will take place in Tampere, Finland from May 7 to 10, 2019.

The Event is inspired by the desire to explore new ways of engaging with communities by means of experimental and unconventional research methods and approaches, to shape places towards desired futures.


We aim to gather a dynamic community of researchers, practitioners, artists, and policy makers to engage in fruitful dialogue and cross-pollination of experiences.


Join us for a lively yet relaxed conference, including plenaries, panel discussions, artistic expressions and performances, and field trips to Finnish place-shaping practices!




Invited speakers

  • Susanne Moser (Director & Principal Researcher at Susanne Moser Research & Consulting)
  • Bill Reed (Regenesis Group - Partnering people and their places to regenerate ecosystems and the human spirit)
  • Päivi Raivio (Artist-designer focused on public art and urban design)
  • Marko Ulvila (Co-creator of Tampereen Annikki co-housing society)

For more information on the invited speakers, visit the programme page.


To learn more about the event´s themes and format, check the dedicated page 

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