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Schedule and additional information
Biomaterial matchmaking between Finland and Japan
September 22: DL for Finnish participant registration
Week 39: We will inform which companies will be selected to the business matchmaking. 
October 29 : DL for Japanese participant registration 
November 1 – 12: Business matching (agreeing on meetings between all parties)
November 24 – 26: Business meetings (every day 08:00 – 11:00 Finnish time). Kindly reserve this time from your calendar. 
Business matching is aimed at companies that have the financial and personal resources needed to pursue business opportunities in Japan. Ability to hire a Japanese-speaking staff member or an interpreter for later parts of the project is key to success. This matchmaking has a minimum (5) and maximum number of participants (10). We especially encourage companies that have not previously been involved in Business Finland activities in Japan to join.
Like mentioned in the invitaion, meetings will be arranged based on the Japanese participants’ wishes, meaning that all meetings are with Japanese companies that have specifically expressed interest in your company and solutions. We cannot guarantee a certain number of meetings, also kindly note that there may be a great difference in the amount of meetings arranged for each participating company according to how well their product fits to Japanese market need.