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Windows 11 New Features

Windows 11 New Features

Wednesday 9.11. at 1314

In this training you’ll learn get to know the main features, newest changes and best tools in the Windows 11 operating system. You’ll learn to enhance your productivity with features like Snap Assist and Task view and how Windows 11 can be used with different platforms such as a laptop or a tablet. You’ll also get to know the virtual assistant Cortana and see virtual desktops.


After this training you’ll be able to use Windows 11 efficiently.

Target audience

This training is suited for all Windows users.

Software version

This training is suitable for Windows 11.


The new desktop and its tricks

  • The new and familiar Start menu
  • Searching with the search tools and Cortana
  • Using desktops and tablets and switching in between
  • Two, Three or even four applications on the same screen
  • Switching between applications through the Task view
  • Even more applications open with Virtual desktops

Controlling your everyday applications

  • Pinning applications to your Start menu and Task bar
  • Find your important notifications from the system
  • Overview on Windows 11 settings

New applications in Windows 11

  • Install new applications safely through the Windows Store
  • Mail, Calendar and other good to know apps.
  • Do I need traditional Office programs at all since I have the free versions in the Store?


Windows 10, New features, Tools, Applications, Store, Apps

Trainer: Eduhouse

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