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Why Los Angeles

Track 1: Mobility & Transit

Los Angeles has vast distances, along with that an aged and somewhat fragmented public transit system that needs to modernize, electrify, and expand quickly to facilitate less cars on the roads, and for example prepared to move large crowds around the city via AV by the Olympics. Targets we plan to address with Finnish solutions: preparations for Autonomous Vehicles (AV) by the 2028 Olympic and Paralympic Games, increasing the percentage of zero emission vehicles in the city to 25% by 2025, 80% by 2035, and 100% by 2050, and helping with electrification of 100% of Metro and LADOT buses by 2030.

Finnish companies will work directly with the city agencies operating fleets and investing in modernizing infrastructure, and meet with local private players already offering pilots. 


Track 2: Renewable Energy

Los Angeles is already the #1 solar city in America and transitioning to renewable energy is top priority. Targets we plan to address are zero carbon grid by 2035, and the agency of LADWP (water and power) and their plans to supply 55% renewable energy by 2025 and 80% by 2036. Additionally, LA’s drive to increase cumulative Megawatts through energy storage solutions and demand response programs.

LADWP is the main agency of interest here, but we will also work with local industry associations and regulators that are driving market changes. 


Track 3: Clean & Healthy Buildings (Built Environment)

Los Angeles has ambitious targets to decarbonize their buildings, as buildings account for 43% of greenhouse gas emissions in LA. All new buildings will be net zero carbon by 2030; and 100% of buildings will be net zero carbon by 2050.  The city aims to reduce building energy use per square ft. for all building types 22% by 2025; 34% by 2035; and 44% by 2050. Los Angeles local business professionals in the Architectural, Engineering, and Construction (AEC) industry have taken an important role in driving city and statewide initiatives to address the reduction of embodied carbon in building materials in addition to emissions from building operations. This delegation track will showcase to the AEC industry as well as the public sector: energy efficiency solutions, low carbon building materials, digital and optimized design and building processes, data and tools for built environment maintenance/lifecycle management. The LA AEC industry has demand for Finnish green building solutions. Finnish companies will have the opportunity to pitch to major architecture firms such as Perkins & Will, construction firms such as Clayco construction, and organizations such as the Los Angeles Green Building Council. Finnish companies will also engage the LA Mayor’s office to address the city’s sustainable building goals.

Source: Business Finland