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Where are we going? Where will you go? Individuals, groups and societies are bound together by various ties - local, digital, national, economic, cultural and global. What is your position on Future Societies? 
Future Societies – exploring possible futures from scientific perspectives
At Synergy ’21 we will explore Future Societies from the perspective of the individual and the collective, through the development of new interactions and communities, to perspectives on the future of humanity in a posthuman society.  Synergy ’21 will underscore the significance and relevance of scientific research and knowledge development that will affect our shared future.
Call for PhDs: celebrate science and enter the Synergy Award ‘21
Society needs scientific contributions to today’s challenges. Can your PhD research make a positive impact? Don’t keep it to yourself: enter NWO’s Synergy Award ’21 for PhD students in social sciences & humanities. Submit your contribution and secure your chance to enhance your skills and pitch your best idea for making an impact at Synergy ’21.
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Save the date: February 4th
We warmly invite you to save the date and join us on February 4th for reflections, insights and thoughts featuring:
• Shoshanna Zuboff (exploring a human digital future), 
• Caroline de Gruyter (exploring the Netherlands after Brexit), 
• Andrew Makkinga (chairman of the conference) and 
• an audience of committed professionals and scientists. 
The invitation and registration form for Synergy ’21 will be online in November.

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Throwback Synergy 2020

On 6 February 2020, our Synergy conference was themed ‘Changing Societies’. In our throwback magazine you will find an overview of the day, summaries of the keynotes by Rutger Hoekstra and Andy Miah, the introduction of the SSH Round Tables, reports of the parallel sessions as well as commentaries by visitors.