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Sustainable development in changing climate, what has it to do with me? (Master level)


5 cr


- knows basics of climate change and United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals
- understand the systemic nature of action on climate change, their magnitude and holistic implementation and their long-term societal importance
- are able to assess critically information sources on climate change and also understands deliberate misleading
- knows the Human Security approach and is capable to preliminary assess the impacts of the measures in a pre-selected context (related to one's own work, hobby or similar)


- Reliability of the climate change information and the IPCC
- Greenhouse effect
- Climate change impacts, mitigation and adaptation:
If emissions increase as in recent years, average warming will rise above 2 ° C in about 10 years, and activated tipping points will increase average warmth by 5-6 ° C in a century, causing body temperature rise above 42 ° C for billions of people.
It is possible to stop temperature rise below 2 ° C in 30 years by using known technologies. This requires reducing emissions and strengthening carbon sinks.
The introduction of sustainable technologies requires systemic changes such as a carbon tax. The magnitude of the change is comparable to post-war reconstruction.
What should be done at the individual, organizational and societal level? Pressure on politicians and companies. Preparing for extreme weather events.
Widespread measures affecting society have been under way for a long time
- Human Security Approach (people centered, true knowledge and impact assessment)
- Ex-ante impact assessment of the measures, presentation of the method and exercise


- Online study and online exam
- Submission of the preliminary impacts assessment of the planned measures


- The Moodle platform opens up for orientation and access on 1.9.2020. For to participate the course, the login is required by 31.10.2020 at the latest.
- The course and exams will be opened on 1.9.2020 and will be closed on 30.11.2020 at 11.55 pm.
- Assessment will be registered by 21.12.2020..

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Passed (S) – Failed (0)

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Content, materials and links to external resources (all in Moodle)


Teacher Miika Kajanus
Teacher Jyri Wuorisalo