Sustainable Materials for Future Mobility: E-drives. Magnets. Batteries


Our Expert Forum on Sustainable Materials for Future Mobility. E-drives. Magnets. Batteries will take place 23-24 October 2018 in Darmstadt (Darmstadtium). The goal of the event is to trigger cross-value chain interaction and the formation of consortia that drive innovation through specific projects.

We will kick-off the event through presentations on market demands and funding opportunities, including the EIT RawMaterials Lighthouse Programme with dedicated resources available.

Day 1. The event is part of the European Battery Alliance initiative. There will be keynote presentations on Battery Raw Materials, Advanced Materials and Cells, and Sustainable Batteries. In breakout sessions, we will discuss how we can join forces and develop specific project ideas particularly when it comes to Cross Value Chain Alliances, Demonstration Projects for Raw Materials Extraction and Processing, Advanced Battery Materials and Cells, as well as Ecolabel and Sustainable Sourcing.(1)

A parallel Satellite Workshop organised by KTH/QMFORMA project will be dedicated to "Materials by Design". More information here.

Day 2. Magnets & E-Drives: We will look into the Rare Earth value chain and electric drives. There will be keynotes on Rare Earth Sourcing, High Performance Permanent Magnets, as well as E-drives and Magnetic Cooling. This will be followed by dedicated breakout sessions.


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(1) Reference to EBA Action points 2a, 3a+5a, 4a, 4b, 4d, 13a+13b.