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Course Description


Service Design Thinking


5 cr


The student obtains an overview of the service design thinking and methods. He/she acquires knowledge of specific techniques and guidelines which emphasize the aspects of user-centric and culturally & socially appropriate service design. The student also learns to understand important factors to consider when developing and applying service design processes.


This course is based on practice-oriented online education. Online studies. Literature. Guided exercises.


The evaluation is based on the student's online tasks – how carefully and deeply the service design project has been made.


• The Moodle platform opens up for orientation and access on 14.9.2020.
• The course will be opened on 14.9.2019 and will be closed on 18.12.2020 at 11:55 pm.
• Assessment will be registered by 22.1.2021.

Grading Scale

Passed - Failed

Course material

Stickdorn, M., Lawrence, A., Hormess, M. & Schneider, J. 2018. This is Service Design Doing. Applying Service Design Thinking in the Real World. Sebastopol: O’Reillys Media.




Teacher Kirsi Miettinen