ESITE- Schema Therapy for children and adolescents ST-CA curriculum(koulutus englanninkielinen)


Schema Therapy for children and adolescents ST-CA curriculum


ISST-Curriculum in Schema Therapy for Children & Adolescents in Helsinki (Finland) International workshop brochure

Schema Therapy (ST), developed by Jeffrey Young, is an enhancement and development of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and particularly integrates emotions, but also developmental aspects centrally in their diagnostic and therapeutic considerations. In addition, ST is based on a model of schemas, modes, basic needs and "their fate" during the life course. Therefore, ST - as the technical and strategic variant of CBT – seems to be particularly suited to generate action-guiding, diagnostic and therapeutic concepts especially in the field of child and adolescent therapy.
In total there is three workshop units (WS 1-3) of the "Children's Curriculum". First the schema therapeutic conceptual model (schemas, modes, coping strategies), the underlying theory (central importance core needs in the context of developmental tasks), possible diagnostic means (e.g. projective methods) and requirements in the therapeutic attitude (e.g. concept of “limited reparenting” and “empathic confrontation”) are outlined, put on the ground of temperament and personality factors in childhood and adolescence. However, in the center of the workshop series are training and practice units, encompassing schema therapeutic strategies that have proven to be successful in cognitive behavioral therapy of childhood and adolescence. Another focus is laid on the teaching of advanced and deepened work with parents in terms of "Schema Coaching" or "Systemic Schema Therapy“, that includes schema or mode specific transactional processes between child and parent and sheds light on mutual reinforcement’s processes of child’s and parent’s maladaptive schemas. See the brochure of curriculum here


See the excample Schema Therapy modework with Felix and his modes press here


To whom:

Psychotherapists (CBT, CT, Cognitive-integrative and Cognitive-analytic)
Maximum number of participants 20 and minimum 15 for workshops.
For workshop’s registration the requirement is that you are officially allowed in your country to do psychotherapy with children and adolescents; you need to hold at least a master's degree in psychology, clinical social work, psychiatric nursing or a counseling area that leads to licensing; or a medical degree with psychiatric residency. (If you have Bachelor’s degree in nursing, your eligibility will be considered separately)


Christof Loose, PhD, Advanced Level Schema Therapist and Supervisor-trainer in Child-Adolescent Schema Therapy (ISST e.V.): Psychotherapy Practice & Centre for Schema Therapy Dusseldorf


Tieteiden talo, Kirkkokatu 6, Helsinki.


Fr, Sa: 4.-5.10.2019 (4.10. 9-17 and 5.10. 8-16)
Th, Fr, Sa: 28.-30.11.2019 (28.11 9-17 and 29.-30.11. 8-16)
Th, Fr, Sa: 16.-18.01.2020 (16.1 9-17 and 17.-18.1. 8-16).

Supervision needed for ISST certification application can be arranged by Christof Loose or his colleagues (e.g. Maria Galimzyanova, St. Petersburg), also possible as online supervision.
How to organize the supervision is discussed at first training session in October.
You can also attend only the workshops if you are not applying for ISST-certification
More info about certification see


Workshops (8 days) 2150 €+ vat 24%
Members of FACBT Workshops (8 days) 1750 €+vat 24%.
+ (to those who want to be able to apply the ISST certification) Supervision costs – the fee for supervision is approximately 100 €/50 min for individual supervision. Total costs depend on how many supervision sessions are used.
NOTE! It can happen that the minimum number of participants will not be reached, so - if you book a flight or a hotel already now - please choose a rate with refund options.


Through training calendar 10.8.2019 latest. Cancellations after 10.8.2019, will be charged with 50% of the training course.

Info: or +358503074858 or or (specially for requirements for certification)