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ROOTS2020 seminar
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Due to the coronavirus pandemic situation, ROOTS2020 seminar April 15–16, 2020 is postponed to a date that will be announced later

ROOTS2020 seminar, Joensuu


Venue Käpy hall, Metla building
Address Yliopistokatu 6B, Joensuu (On the map)


The role of plant roots in carbon sequestration has raised into the focus in discussion of carbon balance of forest and agricultural ecosystems. This is because a high proportion of annual net production is allocated to roots but that hidden-half of plants is not well known. In addition, there is a lack of knowledge concerning the functioning of roots of different plant species in varying and changing environmental conditions, and as affected by different cultivation regimes. Above- and belowground processes of plants are linked together, and therefore whole-plant approaches are needed.  

ROOTS2020 seminar will bring together scientists in the fields of biology, forestry and agriculture to discuss current topics on below- and aboveground processes of plants, their linkages and how they are affected by abiotic and biotic factors and by different cultivation regimes. The seminar consists of 10–20 min talks and posters.

Seminar is organized by the Natural Resources Institute Finland (Luke) and the School of Forest Sciences, University of Eastern Finland (UEF).

There are no participation fees, coffees will be served. Meals are self-financed.

Important dates
  • Registration at the latest March 15, 2010 via this link
  • Submission of the abstract by February 28, 2020
  • Notification of acceptance, March 5, 2020


Wednesday, April 15
9:00   Opening
Professor Antti Asikainen, Executive Vice President, Research, Luke
    Professor Jyrki Kangas, Head of the School of Forest Sciences, UEF

Session 1
Climatic effects and seasonality, Chairperson: Leena Finér
9:15   Keynote Joanna Mucha: Adjustment of Scots pine fine roots along a latitudinal climatic gradient
Yiyang Ding: Temperature and moisture dependence of daily growth of Scots pine roots in
Southern Finland
Jouni Kilpeläinen: Fine root dynamics of silver birch seedlings at different soil temperature
patterns during a growing season
Tapani Repo: Growth, mortality and longevity of fine roots of trees in adverse soil conditions by
10:25   Kari Minkkinen: Fine root longevity and biomass production in drained and undrained boreal
Poster presentations, 1 min
Tapani Repo, Timo Domisch, Jouni Kilpeläinen: Introduction to the root laboratory
11:10   Lunch, posters and visit in the root laboratory in three groups

Session 2
Genetic aspects, Chairperson: Tarja Lehto
Leena Hamberg: Fine root architecture revisited: proliferation strategy shapes the community
of symbiotic fungi of Norway spruce (Picea abies)
Antti Tenkanen: Northern genotypes of Finnish silver birch (Betula pendula Roth) have higher
photosynthetic gas exchange and they allocate more biomass to roots compared to southern
ones in uniform growing conditions
Matti J. Salmela: Below- and aboveground genetic differentiation along a latitudinal gradient:
parallels and disparities in tree populations
Pekka Helenius: Does tree breeding change the dry mass allocation between the shoot and
the root system?
14:10   Dongxia Wu: Effects of pollination sites on the frost hardiness of roots of different genotypes
of Scots pine (Pinus sylvestris L.)
14:25   Coffee and posters

Session 3

Nutrient effects, Chairperson: Timo Domisch
Keynote Tuula Larmola: Fungal colonization patterns and enzymatic activities in two peatland
shrubs under long-term nitrogen and sulphur deposition and warming
Sylwia Adamczyk: Roots and associated fungi in peatlands under nitrogen load
Wei He: Effects of N addition on root exudation and associated microbial feedbacks to
N cycling under Sibiraea angustata in an alpine shrubland
Tarja Lehto: Do nitrogen-fixing Frankia nodules retain significant amounts of scarce
micronutrients in a mixed-tree situation?
18:30    Dinner in a local restaurant

Thursday, April 16
Root symbioses and other microbial interaction, Chairperson: Jouni Kilpeläinen
Keynote Ivika Ostonen: Root traits along environmental gradients: from methods to root-rhizobiome functioning
Katri Himanen: Inoculation of Norway spruce seedlings with ectomycorrhizal fungi
Taina Pennanen: Woody components in nursery growing media –effects on Norway spruce roots and ectomycorrhizal fungi
  Marjo Keskitalo: Narrow-leafed lupin (Lupinus angustifolius) inoculated with Bradyrhizobium and Rhizobium strains: Effect on root nodulation, plant growth and yield
Karoliina Huusko: Effects of time, organic soil amendments and different cultivars on root-associated fungal communities of oat (Avena sativa)
Bartosz Adamczyk: Interaction between plant roots and fungi – an overlooked mechanism for stabilization of carbon in the soil?
10:40   Posters and lunch

The role of roots in the carbon balance in ecosystems, Chairperson: Tapani Repo
Keynote Heljä-Sisko Helmisaari: Roots and soil carbon - knowns and unknowns?
Sanna Kykkänen: Grass root research at Luke Kuopio 2019-2021
Timo Domisch: Diversity effects on fine root biomass and production in European forests
Leena Finér: Lessons learnt from a comparison of modelling approaches of fine root carbon stocks and fluxes in European forests
Panu Korhonen: Current status of root descriptions of crop simulation models used in studies of climate-smart agriculture
Raija Laiho: Wrap-up of the seminar
13:45   Closing and coffee
  • Keynote: 20min + 5min discussion
  • Other oral presentations: 12 min + 3 min discussion, 15 min + 5 min discussion
  • Besides representing the poster in the poster session, it is possible to have 1 minute oral presentation in the seminar hall (1-2 slides). Please send your presentation before the seminar to
  • Instructions for the posters: Recommend poster size is A0, portrait orientation. Maximum width for poster is 110 cm and maximum height is 140 cm. Your poster will be attached to a screen with pushpins provided by the organizers.
List of the posters:
  1. Wei He, Päivi Mäkiranta, Petra Straková, Paavo Ojanen, Timo Penttilä, Kari Minkkinen & Raija Laiho: Fine root production in boreal peatland forests .
  2. Palojärvi, A., Kaipainen, S. & Keskitalo M.: Do special crops maintain species-typical rhizosphere microbial communities in soil?
  3. Azadeh Rezapour, Krista Lõhmus, Jaana Salomäki, Yiyang Ding, Heljä-Sisko Helmisaari, Kaie Kriiska, Ewa Blonska, Jaroslaw Lasota & Ivika Ostonen: Fine root production in boreal and hemiboreal coniferous forests: The effect of research method and sampling.
  4. Kira Ryhti, Pauliina Schiestl-Aalto, Yiyang Ding and Liisa Kulmala: Linking the seasonal dynamics of Scots pine roots with the whole tree carbon balance in southern Finland.
  5. Velmala, Delhomme, Salmela, Street & Pennanen: Systemic responses of simulated herbivory of fast and slow growing Norway spruce seedlings.
  6. Katri Nissinen, Virpi Virjamo, Laura Pikkarainen & Heli Peltola: Temperature elevation affects root:shoot ratio in boreal Silver birch, Scots pine and Norway spruce seedlings
  7. Maria Väisänen, Gesche Blume-Werry, Jeffrey M. Welker & Riku Paavola: Revealing the joint effects of winter climate changes and reindeer grazing on roots
  8. Narasinha Shurpali: …
  9. Hem Raj Bhattarai, Maarit Liimatainen, Hannu Nykänen, Minna Kivimäenpää, Pertti J. Martikainen and Marja Maljanen. Nitrous acid (HONO) emission affected by germination of wheat seeds.
  10. Tapani Repo, Julien Ballandras, Jouni Kilpeläinen, Dongxia Wu & Timo Domisch: Diagnostic value of impedance loss factor and hydraulic conductance of roots of nursery seedlings
  11. Cliford Asenso.
  12. Rashmi Shrestha …..
  13. Saara E. Lind, Sanna Kykkänen, Panu Korhonen, Perttu Virkajärvi and Marja Maljanen. Role of grassland cycle on mineral soil on greenhouse gas balance in eastern Finland.


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Leena Finér, Luke +358503913067
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