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Project basic

Project basic

Wednesday 7.12. at 16.3019.30

Creating a project schedule from scratch can seem hopeless, especially if you’re new to project management. However, you can take advantage of MS Project’s efficiency with just a few clicks and turn your to-do list into an easy-to-manage plan that you can share with your workgroup or stakeholders.

In this training, we go through the basic operations and management of the software efficiently and practically.


After the course, you can use the basic features of MS Project effectively and manage scheduling, resources, and the right ways to update your schedule.

Target audience

This training is suitable for all project managers and other people working on projects who must use the software in their work.

App version

This training is suitable for Windows versions of Project 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019.


Project program interface

  • What sections of the program can be found? Introduction to the user interface and views.

Basics of creating a project plan

  • Automatic or manual timing? Differences in timing modes.
  • Do I need to enter some initial settings? Basics, calendar editing, and basic settings editing.
  • What information should I at least enter into the program and how? Entering, structuring, and linking tasks.
  • Are there different types of tasks in the program? Header-level task, tasks, subtasks, recurring tasks, and milestone tasks.
  • How do I identify key tasks from the plan? Critical path method.

Utilization of the Baseline

  • Can I save the different phases for later review? Save and view baselines and intermediate schedules.

Views and tables

  • Can I view different information about a project? Introducing views, switching tables to view

Updating the project plan

  • What is the right way to update the progress? Different ways to update the schedule.


  • How do I get prints of my plan? Printing different views of a project plan.
  • Are there ready-made reports in the program? Creating graphical reports and tracking reports.
  • Can I transfer data to other Office programs? Basics of Office Sharing.


MS Project, Project Management, Plan, Project Manager, Schedule, Cost, Report, Reporting, Resource Management, Resource, Tasks, Office

Trainer: Eduhouse

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