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Power BI: Level 3 – Editing your data

Power BI: Level 3 – Editing your data

Tuesday 1.11. at 16.3019.30

Crushing your data in Power BI is easy with Power Query. It helps you to crush and modify data from different sources.


The goal of the course is that you know how to use Power Query to edit data so that it works with a data model.

Target audience

This training is for those who already know the basics of Power BI and also, imports data from different sources into data model.

Software requirements

Latest version of Power BI Desktop.


What is Power Query?

  • How to use Power Query
  • What can you do with Power Query
  • Data preparation, the most important phase on analyzing

Combining your data

  • Merge and append queries.

Fix your raw data

  • Fix your data by deleting unnecessary columns and rows
  • Control your data types
  • Fix errors and replace wrong data
  • Create cross reference pivot or unpivot columns.

Use steps to update your data

  • Meaning of step and their use

Customs columns to add calculations

  • Create new column from text, numbers or time data
  • How to use columns from example
  • Create conditional column


Power BI, Desktop, Business Intelligence, Power Query, Microsoft Office 365, O365, reporting, visualization, data model, data analyzing, DAX, function, Query Editor, raw data, editing data

Trainer: Eduhouse

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