PlotDesign end-seminar

Time: Monday 24.9.2018, 9:00-16:00
Place: Infokeskus Korona, Room 511, Viikinkaari 11, Helsinki




09:00-09:30 Coffee break

09:30-09:50 Mari Myllymäki: Welcome / Introduction 

09:50-10:35 Arne Pommerening (SLU, Umeå, Sweden): Forest development through interaction: Individual-based models in forestry --> For more information click here

(10:35-10:45 Short break)

10:45-11:30 Pavel Grabarnik (Institute of Physico-Chemical and Biological Problems of Soil Science, Russian Academy of Sciences, Pushchino, Russia): What stochastic geometry methods can say about inter-specific interactions in forest ecosystems --> For more information click here


11:30-12:45 Lunch (on everyone's own expense)


12:45-13:05 Mikko Kuronen (Luke): Correcting for nondetection in estimating forest characteristics from single-scan terrestrial laser measurements --> For more information click here

13:05-13:45 Henrike Häbel & Mari Myllymäki (Luke): Effect of spatial patterns of trees on optimal sample plot design --> For more information click here

13:45-14:15 Coffee break

14:15-14:45 Henrike Häbel (Luke): Spatial airborne laser scanning features for predicting forest characteristics --> For more information click here

14:45-15:00 Jussi Peuhkurinen (Arbonaut Ltd): Commentary talk

15:00-16:00 R workshop --> For more information click here


(Small changes to the program are still possible.)


Register for the event here. Deadline September 16th, 2018.