Friday-debate: Discussion on economics, environment and the society

Friday-debate: Discussion on economics, environment and the society


Natural Resources Institute Finland starts a new debate-series in collaboration with the University of Helsinki. The topic of the Friday-debate is the confluence of the use of natural resources, environmental issues and, specifically, economics, from the viewpoints of firms, consumers and the society.

The next hour-long debate will be held on Friday 28.4.2017 starting at noon at A-building, second floor meeting room Riihi, (Latokartanonkaari 9, Helsinki).

Low threshold forum for scientific discussion

The purpose of the Friday-debate is to serve as a low threshold forum for scientific discussion – a place and a moment for new research ideas, reach colleagues for help with research challenges, showcase research in action and seek for contacts, acquire new knowledge on the field, and spar shows for larger arenas. 

We recommend the duration of presentations to range between 30 to 45 minutes to leave time for discussion. The presentations are free-form, but please bear in mind that some participants might take part remotely. Presentations can be held in Finnish also.

The debate is open anyone willing to participate. You can participate on the spot or through video conferencing. Prior enrolment for audience is not required.


Debate dates

Fri 27.1. 12-13 Michiru Nagatsu (University of Helsinki): How to make good cider from bad apples: an experimental study of group identity effects among selfish people in a public goods game

Fri 17.2. 12-13 Anni Helander ja Pasi Rikkonen (Luke): Kannattaako Lähiruoka-ala – yrittäjäkysely tämän hetken tilasta

Fri 3.3. 12-13 Antti Miettinen (Luke): Jättiputkien torjunnan kustannus-hyötyanalyysi

17.3.   No debate – We recommend M.Sc. Emmi Nieminen’s Ph.D. defence.
Topic: Bioeconomic and game theoretic applications of optimal Baltic Sea fisheries management
Time: 17.3.2017, at 12 o´clock
Place: Athena-rakennus, Sali 302, Siltavuorenpenger 3 A.


31.3.   No debate – We recommend M.Sc. Petri Liesivaara’s Ph.D. defence.
Topic: Catastrophic yield risks and the demand for crop insurance in Finland
Time: 31.3.2017, at 12 o´clock
Place: Metsätieteiden talo, Luentosali B2, Latokartanonkaari 7.


Fri 28.4. 12-13 Steven Wolf (Cornell University (tba)):


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