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Office 365: Planner

Office 365: Planner

Wednesday 10.5. at 1516

Planner is a lightweight project and teamwork management tool. It helps you package tasks into plans that are very easy to track and manage. The plans can also involve users outside the organization, which makes the cooperation much easier.


In this training, we get to know Planner as a tool, and look at its extensive connections between various Office 365 tools. After this training, the course master will be able to build plans with tasks and conservations.

Target Audience

Participants should have basic IT skills.

Software version

Training requires an Office 365 environment.


What is a Planner?

  • Planner interface
  • How to review multiple Planner plans
  • Managing a plan in Planner
  • Managing your own tasks from multiple plans

Using Planner Plans

  • Creating a New Plan
  • Creating Tasks and assigning users

Connections to Office 365

  • Discussion group and email address for the plan
  • Calendar, notebook and document library for plan


Office 365, Office, Portal, Planner, Cloud Service, Task, Bucket, Plan

Trainer: Eduhouse

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