Knowledge sharing sessions

From X to Next: what do the next generation of lawyers want? 

By Erica Wernmo, LegalWorks

We are in the midst of a societal shift with main drivers such as digitalization, globalization, environmental crisis and a generational transition, all inextricably linked of course. We also note from our yearly survey on general counsels, that one of their main struggles is finding and retaining the right people.

Being able to perceive and understand what really makes lawyers “tick” is crucial to attract talents and providing the right environment for them to stay on and keep flourishing in a complex and unpredictable context. At the same time, we are finding ourselves in a situation where a total of four different generations are acting together on the legal stage.

LegalWorks has conducted an indicative study of lawyers’ wants and needs across generations. Come and learn what they say that they look for in an employer, what values the most to them, but also if they really think that values matter in a corporate context (hint: they do).

Legal Design with SKYE Contracts

Legal Design Thinking - HOW to influence and take action?

By Pierre Dicksson, SKYE Contracts

Have you ever thought: yeah, it sounds so good with the new tech tools, brand new legal worlds, of course I should have..., lack of time.... All followed by the thought: but how, what, then, choice, outcome, stakeholders, cost, compatible with other processes, acceptance? Game over!

Design Thinking applied- supports you no matter you are aiming for AI, apps, org changes, skills mix, overall company digitalization processes, perosnal development...

SKYE has developed a workshop concept that targets initialng and dirivng disruptive behaviour aiming at action. Not the least important to inspire to action., alugn stakeholder, nailung and limiting activities. Often with the aim to generate short term success with immediate return. 

At Nordic Legal Tech Day 2019 we will share stories and experiences aimed to inspire you to navigate and get to work. 

The future of GDPR

By Axel Tandberg, PrivacyWorks

The future of GDPR

GDPR has given us an interesting year where the data protection agencies have started with their interpretation and the Regulation. It has resulted in huge fines for major companies, such as Google, Marriot and British Airways, but as well minor fines towards small companies that does not want to be abed the advice they get from an agency. Looking at the fines, combined with proposed legislation within the EU, where is the GDPR heading? As it looks now, it seems that the only focus is in ensuring consumers rights, and nothing to ensure the free flow of data that will enable businesses to continue to thrive.

Axel Tandberg, senior advisor and founding partner at PrivacyWorks, will point to what is trending when ut comesto data protection within Europe and when we might see the trends materialise. 

Using blockchain to create smart contracts

By Jörgen Modin, Chromaway

Using blockchain to create smart contracts with Chromaway.

What are smart contracts? Can they self-regulate? Could they replace law sometimes with e.g., escrow? A walk-through of a Rell smart contract on the Chromia platfom & maybe if there's time a bit of workshop.  

Interactive session of Coding for lawyers

By Mats Larsson, Hello World!

Hello World! is a non-profit association that encourages and spreads interest and knowledge about science, technology, innovation and art within digital tools, using camps and meetups. We have taught programming and other digital tools to thousands of young people, but also adults have great benefit from being able to use and understand the possibilities with these tools.

Are you ready to write your first lines of code and take the step into this digital world? Welcome to a quick introduction to programming, where you will be able to try out text-based programming especially designed for lawyers, with our leader Mats.