Breakout session 13:30

InsiderLog - room Tor 3

A digital tool developed to automate the administration of inside information

The EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR) has been in force for more than three years and has caused a lot of headache and burdensome administration. We have also seen quite a few sanction decisions from both Nasdaq and the Financial Supervisory Authorities, were companies have had to pay high fines for simple mistakes. 
InsiderLog is a digital tool for listed companies to automate their management of inside information and insider lists, which both saves considerable time and ensures compliance with MAR. 
InsiderLog is the clear market leader in the Nordics and is used by more than 400 listed companies (including more than half of Sweden's large caps like Securitas, Skanska and Tieto), banks and also top tier advisors such as PwC, KPMG and DLA Piper law firm. 
During this session we will show you the entire work flow for an insider event, from documenting the decision to delay public disclosure all the way to sending the ”Article 17-email” to the Financial Supervisory Authority when the insider list is closed. Key features include automatic email notifications and reminders, having the insiders entering their info themselves instead of emailing it to an administrator, logging the time of each change (in UTC) and making sure to maintain a full audit trail. 
We will be happy to answer your questions and help you to free up time to focus on more value creating tasks. 

Precisely - room Tor 1

How Legal can turn their business teams into contract champions

Precisely aligns the legal department with the rest of the business by intelligently enabling the business side to be more self-serve while still keeping them within legal’s pre-approved guidelines.

Their AI-powered automated contract management platform enables professionals all over the world to become contract champions.

Enjoy the benefits of human-centric contract creation, streamlined approvals, e-signing, metadata management, digital archiving and smart monitoring of all your contracts - all in one place.

Qnister - room Tor 2

A new tool to standardise assessments on your data privacy work

A simple and effective way of documenting assessments and follow ups on your data privacy work. Become one of the first to take part of a new cloud service. At the Legal Tech Day we are presenting our upcoming product: the assessment tool for data privacy work. In the license of your organisation the users can easily take part of status analysis, chosen areas to assess and follow ups on these. A digital support for the controller which makes it easier to comply with the accountability – the obligation of showing that the demands of the GDPR are being complied with. 
The service will streamline, secure quality and standardise every follow up that you do of your data privacy work. Let us show you how.

Logwise - room Loke 1

Streamline the administration of your inside information

Logwise is an independent and entrepreneurial RegTech/LegalTech company specialising in solutions for handling the regulatory requirements of issuers and advisors under the EU Market Abuse Regulation (MAR). All companies with publicly traded stocks or bonds must manage confidential information about Delayed Disclosure & Inside Information, inform insiders of their legal obligations, keep lists of Insiders, managers & family members with personal details complying with extensive format and process requirements set down in EU law.

Logwise provides turnkey and automated processes to reduce manual steps and ensure compliance, including reporting to national EU authorities in a simple user friendly, 1-2-3 guide format.

Currently we are the only truly elastic cloud based provider of a multi tenant solution for Market Abuse compliance. 

During this session we will show you how our customers leverage our platform, not only to create, motivate and maintain insider lists. But also to help their respective PDMRs take care of their obligations. We will show some key features that include BankID signage for PDMRs/Associates, single click confirmation for insiders and press release integration upon disclosure.