Breakout session 11:15

LawGeex - room Tor 1

Come and watch LawGeex AI-powered Contract Review Automation solution in action!

LawGeex is transforming legal by automating the review and approval of everyday contracts with unparalleled accuracy, consistency, and scalability through our advanced AI-powered Contract Review Automation (CRA) platform. 
The LawGeex demo session will be appropriate for audience members with all levels of AI, explaining how our Contract Review Automation works from both a technological and processes perspective. Session participants will get to see how a digital playbook gets created and applied, sample workflows, and analytics. There will also be ample time for Q&A.
LawGeex is recognized by Gartner as a leading force in bringing innovation to the legal world and trusted by global firms such as eBay and White & Case.

Thomson Reuters - room Tor 2

Innovative services offered by law firms to their clients using Contract Express.

In this 45min live demo, we will show how a non-legally trained staff member accesses a bespoke automated template build by a law firm. Going through the questionnaire to collect information and select options, you will see how intuitive and easy to use Contract Express is; and you’ll also see the logic behind the questionnaire. We will also touch on the workflow and approval processes between the user, their management and the law firm to eventually release the document. Lastly, we will do some automation together using a Word document and turn it into an automated template.

SimpleSign - room Tor 3

Simple Sign is a premium e-signing and contract management platform loved and used by small and large enterprises. 

In todays session you will learn:

- How a well-known enterprise company in Sweden with amost 50 000 employment contracts anually, optimized their HR agreement process from 8 days to 10 minutes.

- How an established sales team increased their sales numbers with 20% over night, simply by implementing the power of smart templates and proposals.

- New & trending ways to use use e-signatures in an organization. 

Sytorus - room Loke 1

Privacy tools are all around us. How do we make sure that are working for us and not the other way around?

Welcome to a session with PrivacyEngine and Tioli as we discuss how are assisting Enterprise Privacy Programs to create world class Command and Control tools to enforce the Enterprise Compliance all the way into the data layer. As Privacy Programs evolve the role of Systems Integrators and Trusted Partner is making a key difference in realising the RoI from our tools.
A short demonstration of PrivacyEngine and Tioli solutions.