Breakout session 10:00

Norstedts Juridik - room Tor 2

JUNO live demo and the implications of machine learning for future legal systems

Norstedts Juridik, the leading provider of legal information services in Sweden, will showcase their recently launched online platform JUNO and illustrate how future legal systems could use machine learning to improve the research experience and efficiency. Instead of focusing on user problems and implementation, companies often make the mistake of placing too much emphasis on technology as “the silver bullet” that will solve every problem. Nichlas Brødegaard Resch, Head of Digital Transformation & Data Science at Karnov Group, will illustrate how companies should approach legal tech to deliver real value to users by starting small and understanding the user problems.

Draftit Privacy - room Loke 1

How to maintain GDPR compliance and manage privacy incidents

Join us to know more about how to maintain and supervise your organisation’s privacy efforts.
Learn how to tackle and mitigate privacy incidents and get equipped with the right tools and knowledge to act when they occur.
Data protection is ongoing process, but it does not have to be complex, time-consuming or expensive.

Pactumize - room Tor 3

A contract automation tool

Pactumize is a contract automation tool that enables companies to configure their contracts in a simple, user–friendly interface and let business users draft their business agreements. After configuration of frequently used legal documents, the platform is deployed for end-users, allowing them to create legal contracts without the need for legal professionals. Pactumize’s next offering is a SaaS platformfor contract negotiations including collaboration, authorization administration, internal approval, digital signing. Business users can negotiate deals with a counterparty, using configured and pre-approved legal clauses for an efficient, cost-effective and GDPR compliant system.
To illustrate successful implementation of products, we will show how the German company Axel Springer, Europe's largest media group, has been using Pactumize since 2017.

Wolter's Kluwer - room Tor 1

The modern legal department, where to start with digitalization

In an age when data is piling up at accelerating speeds and legal technology is advancing by the second, it’s imperative that legal departments understand where they fall on the digital transformation spectrum. For the legal department, digital transformation presents a great opportunity to increase productivity, enhance the delivery of services, and save time on routine tasks. You need to know where you stand and make an honest assessment of your department’s strengths and needs.
The goal of demo by Wolters Kluwer – Legal & Regulatory is to help you map the maturity and level of digitalisation of your legal department. Identify your needs within the digital transformation process and discover the solutions we provide to manage your legal information.  
Questions you will find an answer to following this demo: 
• Where does my organisation stand on the digitalisation spectrum? 
• What processes/tasks can be digitised? 
• What should I keep in mind when selecting a solution that best fits my needs/fits my way of working?