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New Office – Best Features

New Office – Best Features

Wednesday 2.11. at 1316

Do you know what new features Office apps offer? In this training you will learn the best features of Office programs!


This training will focus on the best and most important features of the Office 365 desktop applications. You will get to know the latest AI based features: how automation will create content for you and how you can enhance your work with new features. The training will also feature collaboration features which will help you be more effective in teamwork.

Target Audience

This training is recommended for anyone who uses a new version of the Office suite and wants to get to know its features and work more efficiently. Participants are expected to know the basics of Office.

Software version

Training is suitable for users of the Office 2016, 2019, and Office 365 desktop applications, and most of all for Office 2013.


Working with a new office

  • The connections between Office 365 features and applications: open, move and save your files.

Collaborating with Office

  • Can we edit documents together with my colleagues? The Pros and Cons of collaboration features
  • How do I communicate the changes I’ve made? Comments, mentions and Chats
  • What if something goes wrong? Using version history

Many new features in Excel

  • Analyzing data with the Ideas feature
  • Using Datatypes and online search
  • The new Map-chart
  • Mobile Excel: add data to Excel with a camera

Easier presentation of PowerPoint

  • Slides within slides: Zoom-effects
  • New content: icons and 3d images
  • New transitions and animations: Morph and animated 3d models
  • Let PowerPoint desing your slide show: Designer Theme-ideas, perspectives and branded templates
  • Produce handouts with Microsoft Word

Type and read better with Word

  • Let Word transcript and translate for you
  • Transform your text into visual form with Sway
  • Eliminate interruptions with the Focus-feature
  • Learn with Word immersive reader


  • What happened to OneNote? OneNote vs. OneNote 2016
  • How to use the new OneNote

Master email and calendar with Outlook

  • Changes in the outlook of Outlook
  • Control your emails with Focus-features
  • Mentions in emails
  • Control your attachments: linking and saving to the cloud, attachments


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Trainer: Eduhouse

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