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Meetings in Office 365 Teams

Meetings in Office 365 Teams

Wednesday 23.11. at 1316

With Teams, meetings are a fun experience. This course will help you learn how to handle meetings in an easy and elegant way.


You will learn how to create meetings using Teams. You’ll learn to create a meeting with or without sending meeting invites. You will also learn how to operate in a meeting and how an outsider can get into the meeting without the Teams application.

Target audience

Training is suitable for all users who want to organize or take part in in meetings using Teams. Participants should already know basics of the Teams application.

App version

The latest version of Teams.


Meetings in Teams

  • How meetings works in Teams
  • What kind of content can be shared at a meeting
  • Who can attend the meeting and with what devices
  • What are the conditions for participating using a computer
  • What you need to participate in the phone

Creating a meeting

  • Immediate meeting
  • Sending meeting invitations with Outlook
  • Sending meeting invitations from Teams
  • Creating a team meeting without sending invitations
  • Creating a meeting through a browser
  • Scheduling a meeting and finding free time

Joining the meeting

  • Joining a meeting through Office 365, Outlook, Teams, or Teams on your smartphone
  • Access settings and what audio and video devices to use

What to do during a meeting

  • Managing and muting your microphone
  • Video and background blur
  • Accessing messaging during and after meeting
  • Changing audio and video options during a meeting
  • Inviting participants to a meeting during a meeting or using a hyperlink to invite participants
  • Using the Teams app during a meeting
  • Leaving the meeting

Content sharing during a meeting

  • Sharing your own desktop or applications
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Drawing Canvas
  • Meeting notes

Recording a meeting

  • Start and stop recording
  • What exactly is saved
  • Where is the recording saved

Online Meeting Practices

  • Ensuring clarity and visibility
  • Optimal use of audio options and devices
  • Should it put the video on? Why you should and how you look good on the video
  • Tips for sharing your screen or desktop
  • How you improve the shared desktop view


Teams, Meetings, Office 365, Online Meeting, Education, Online, Video Call, Voip

Trainer: Eduhouse

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