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Manage your team in Office 365 Teams

Manage your team in Office 365 Teams

Wednesday14.12. at 1316

The Teams team must have someone to maintain it and this course will make you that person.


You’ll learn how to create a team in Teams, define team members and manage the team settings. You’ll also learn how to create channels and tabs for the team, and how to change the team settings.

Target audience

Training is intended for those who either already are the owners of their teams or want to become a team owner. Participants should already know basics of the Teams application.

App version

The latest version of Teams.


Teams’ advanced features

  • How Teams and SharePoint related
  • Access a team’s SharePoint site
  • SharePoint features you can’t find in Teams

Creating and setting up teams

  • Creating a new team
  • Free or private team
  • Creating a team from an Office 365 group
  • Creating a team based on another team
  • Adding and configuring users as the team is created

Team management

  • Changing and updating basic team information
  • Access to team settings
  • Selecting a profile image for a team
  • Access rights for team members and guests
  • Restricting team features

Team members

  • Adding members to a team or leaving a team
  • Promoting users to owners
  • Creating an access code for the team

Team Channels

  • Creating new channels for the team
  • Deleting and restoring channels
  • Where to find the files of a deleted channel


  • Creating tabs for the team
  • Basic tabs: files and web pages
  • Application Tabs: Planner, Forms and Wiki
  • SharePoint content as a tab: Sites and file libraries
  • Third-party applications as tabs

Applications and bots

  • How to install new applications or bots for your team
  • Using a Bot
  • Notify the channel with connectors
  • Disabling applications, bots, and connectors


Teams, Office 365, Management, Managed, Owner, Channel, Team, Tab, Bot, Application

Trainer: Eduhouse

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