Competitiveness in Lithium Industry


Competitiveness in Lithium Industry

EIT RawMaterials CLC Central and its partners BRGM, Eramet, Fraunhofer Institute and Université de Lorraine - invite you to a Workshop & Matchmaking Event on the value chain of Lithium, on 11-12 October 2017 in Würzburg, Germany.

Lithium, a key element for glasses and ceramics, has also become critical to the energy transition driven by the rapid development of new energy storage solutions and the emergence of electric vehicles.

Although the demand is continuously growing (2 to 3% per year), only few suppliers are present on this strategic market, most of them focussing on salars exploitation and none of them being European. As more players intend to position themselves in this difficult context, all lithium resources should be evaluated regardless of their origin. Indeed, the competitiveness of each resource will strongly depend on matching the resources with processing technologies, and ultimately on matching the resulting lithium products with their dedicated applications.


Who should attend:

Representatives from industry, academia and research along the entire Lithium value chain.

Date: Wednesday 11th (mid-day) to Thursday 12th of October 2017

Venue: Fraunhofer Institute for Silicate Research ISC – Würzburg, Germany




11 October 2017 - animated by Patrice Christmann (KRYSMINE)

Welcome to the event

11:00 Registration

12:00 Lunch

Overview of Lithium ore deposits with emphasis on Europe

13:30 Patrice Christmann (KRYSMINE)

Lithium ore deposits: types, distribution, reserves and resources, demand and supply outlook

13:50 Encarnacíon Roda-Robles (Univ. Bilbao)

The consequence of Lithium mineralogy on hard rock Lithium resources: example of NW Iberia

14:10 Romeu Vieira (Univ. Porto)

Underestimation of Lithium European potential: example of recent discoveries in Portugal: the Sepeda project (Novo Lítio, NLI)

Advanced Lithium-mining projects in Europe

14:30 Pertti Lamberg (CEO Keliber)

Keliber project in Finland

15:00 Steve Kessler (CEO European Lithium Ltd)

European Lithium’s contribution to an integrated European lithium industry

15:30 Open discussion with speakers on stage

  Coffee break

Processing of lithium ores

16:30 Jean-Jacques Reverdy (Eramet)

Content to be confirmed

16:50 Edgar Gasafi (Outotec)

Increasing energy efficiency and improving products quality in Ca–Li bearing ores

17:10 Open discussion with speakers on stage

Get together evening

18:30   Pitching session // Exploration - Mining - Processing

  Dinner (venue tba)


12 October 2017 - animated by Roland Gauss (EIT RawMaterials)

8:45 Recap from Day 1 and introduction to Day 2

Criticality, market trends, and resource strategy

9:00 Michael Schmidt (BGR-DERA)

Lithium market to 2025. Future demand drivers

9:20 Armin Reller (Univ. Augsburg)

Strategic application potentials of Lithium

9:40 Open discussion with speakers on stage

Innovative battery materials

10:00 Fabrice Stassin (EMIRI network)

Material development supported by the European Commission

10:20 Henning Lorrmann (Fraunhofer ISC)

Trends and potential in battery materials R&D

10:40 Didier Bloch (CEA)

From innovative materials to high-performance Li-batteries

11:00 Christian Hagelüken, Paul Spurk (Umicore AG & Co KG)

Materials for energy storage in Li-ion batteries

11:20   Open discussion with speakers on stage

  Lunch break

Battery cells’ applications

13:30   Jens Teubler (Wuppertal Institute)

Natural Resource Use of Lithium applications in transport and energy systems

13:50 Christopher Wolter (Custom Cells Itzehoe GmbH)

Why customizing Li-ion cells?

14:10 Marc Deschamps (BlueSolutions)

Content to be confirmed

14:30 Open discussion with speakers on stage

  Coffee break

Recycling & Circular economy

15:30   Martina Petranikova (Univ. Chalmers)

Circular economy of Li-ion batteries recycling

15:50 Christian Hagelüken, Frank Treffer (Umicore AG & Co KG)

Recycling of Li-ion batteries. Status, opportunities, challenges

16:10   Carsten Pätzold (Univ. Freiberg)

Lithium recovery from primary and secondary feedstock by CO2 leaching

16:30   Paolo Mattiuzza, Didier Le Flammec (Veolia HPD)

Content to be confirmed

16:50   Open discussion with speakers on stage

Get together evening

18:00 Visit of the Fraunhofer R&D Centre for Electromobility Bavaria

Pitching session // Substitution - Recycling - Circular Economy

  Dinner (venue tba)