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Rise Above the Ordinary, the KONE High-Rise virtual launch event is approaching, and you are invited to take a front-row seat. So, what is in store for you on November 5, 2020? 
The event is all about game changers – from the keynote speakers to the new solutions and services we will unveil. It is your opportunity to join us in writing the next chapter in the story of high-rise.
At the event you will:
  • Hear about the latest trends that are driving us to redefine high-rise living and working. 
  • Learn how you can future-proof your building so that it can easily adapt to meet changing needs. 
  • Discover how our new offering for high-rise buildings and smart cities will help to create smooth, safe people flow and an emotionally engaging user experience. 
  • Watch world premieres of our upcoming solutions and services.
  • Have the opportunity to add your voice to the conversation via interactive Q&A sessions.
There will be introductions and keynotes from distinguished speakers as well as insights from recognized industry experts – including KONE CEO Henrik Ehrnrooth and Executive Vice President, New Equipment Business Tomio Pihkala.
Ready to enter a new era of high-rise living and working with KONE? Register below today.

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