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Innovation knowledge (master's degree), 5 cr, online

The course is suitable e.g. for those who have completed bachelor's degree, who aim to get a master's degree and for those who need more knowledge about innovation process.
  • is able to work in multi-disciplinary and innovative way at over the fields of professions in reforming the networked communities and their processes.
  • is able to create a flow of ideas which encourages and develops an atmosphere of the working community and understand the importance of sharing ideas in maintaining an innovative organizational culture.
  • uses knowledge and innovation tools fluently to help stimulate the development process and is able to lead to refinement of ideas into new products and services.
  • is able to take advantage of national and international innovation communities as development tools.
  • Innovation process
  • Innovation methods and tools
  • Financement of innovations
  • Innovations and research
  • Innovations and internationality
  • Innovation forum
You will find more information about the contents of the course here.
Methods and requirements
Online, self-study course. The course will open in January 2020 and clouses on 31.5.2020. The indicative completion time is approximately 4 months. Students will realise their own innovation project and produce within the project a personal enriched (live, multi-functional) innovation manual related to their own field at some electronic platform. Participation in orientation lectures, participation in the work in the network.
E-materials, e-services and e-learning environments are widely used in studies at Savonia. Therefore you should have a laptop of your own.
Study fees, enrolment and cancellation

The Open University of Applied Sciences study fee of one course (5 cr) is 75 euros, tuition fee of 6 months is 125 euros and tuition fee of 12 months is 250 euros. In some courses, there may be other costs (eg. material costs), see here study fees.

The enrolment period closes on 2 February 2020 at 23:59. Your enrolment is binding and studying places will be filled in the order of enrolment. An invoice will be sent to your email address. By paying the invoice on the due date at the latest you confirm that you accept the study place. If you fail to pay in time, you lose your study place.
In case you cancel your enrolment later or choose not to continue your studies, the fees you have paid are not returned to you. However, you can spend the fees on other Open Studies at Savonia UAS.
Study grants
Studying in the Open UAS does not entitle you to a study grant or other student benefits or discounts. In case you intend to study unemployed, please make sure in the local employment office (TE-toimisto) your livelihood situation before you begin your studies.
More information about the content and implementation
Teacher: Päivi Vestala, email: paivi.vestala(at)
Concerning questions on enrolment, please contact: avoinamk(at)
Savonia Open UAS reserves the right to make changes.