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Expertise and Supervisory Work (master's degree), 5 cr, online

The course is multidisciplinary and part of the joint studies of the curricula of the Savonia YAMK degree programs. The course is suitable e.g. for those who have completed Bachelor's degree, who aim to get a Master's degree and for those who need more knowledge. For more information on applying for a degree, see the link.
Student is able to find and utilize new knowledge towards professional expertise development with the help of experiential learning methods. Student will gain knowledge to anticipate the changes in both working environment and in working processes. She/he knows how to support and share expertise in working life as well as is able to develop knowledge management practices. Student understands the different roles of a manager in different working communities. She/he is able to assess personal managerial readiness as well as evaluate own managerial competences and define development needs.
  • Development of professional expertise, and shared expertise
  • Development of know-how and leadership/management practices
  • Leadership and managerial know-how and skills
  • Roles of manager in changing working life
  • Identification and evaluation of personal managerial skills and practices
You will find more information about the contents of the course here.
Methods and requirements
Online, self-study course. The course is open all year round, NonStop (from 1.9.2020 until 31.5.2021). Students can enter the Moodle online learning environment at any time.
The course contains individual learning assignments and tests. There are several alternative return dates for the assignments throughout the academic year. Return deadlines for the academic year 2020-2021: 1.10.2020, 1.12.2020, 1.3.2021, 15.5.2021 and 31.7.2021. The assignments will be assessed after the deadline. The course requirements are modified each academic year in August. The returned assignments need to meet the requirements valid on the return date. 
E-materials, e-services and e-learning environments are widely used in studies at Savonia. Therefore you should have a laptop of your own.
Enrolment, study fees and cancellation
The enrolment opens on 27.7.2020 and closes on 30.4.2021. The studies at the Open University of Applied Sciences are free of charge until 31 July 2021 (see more information).
From 1.8.2021 the Open University of Applied Sciences study fee of one course (5 cr) is 75 euros, tuition fee of 6 months is 125 euros and tuition fee of 12 months is 250 euros. In some courses, there may be other costs (eg. material costs), see here study fees. Your enrolment is binding and studying places will be filled in the order of enrolment. An invoice will be sent to your email address. By paying the invoice on the due date at the latest you confirm that you accept the study place. If you fail to pay in time, you lose your study place.In case you cancel your enrolment later or choose not to continue your studies, the fees you have paid are not returned to you. However, you can spend the fees on other Open Studies at Savonia UAS.
Study grants
Studying in the Open UAS does not entitle you to a study grant or other student benefits or discounts. In case you intend to study unemployed, please make sure in the local employment office (TE-toimisto) your livelihood situation before you begin your studies.
More information about the content and implementation
Teacher: Nina Huotari, email: nina.huotari(at)
Concerning questions on enrolment, please contact: avoinamk(at)
Savonia Open UAS reserves the right to make changes.