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Enhanced Operational Risk management and Compliance
In today’s dynamic business landscape, where growing complex risk is a continuous threat, the need for a strong risk management program is crucial. Organizations need to be well-prepared to handle risk across digital, strategic, geopolitical, third-party, cybersecurity, and compliance areas. A lack of visibility into these risk areas, and their potential impact on the business, can impede decision-making and have a negative impact on business performance.
One of the biggest challenges in risk management lies in achieving a full overview of all risks that your organization faces. Underlying factors could be; substandard systems, time consuming data-collection strategies and undesired results due to poor decision making.
Sofigate offers Integrated Risk Management (IRM) with Governance Risk & Compliance (GRC) as a part of our service portfolio. In this one hour webinar you will learn:
  • How you can implement IRM with a simple approach.
  • How IRM in ServiceNow enables an instant overview of your risks.
  • The best way to structure complex data from other systems and visualize them in ServiceNow.
  • How to best manage incidents, controls, risks, Key Risk Indicators (KRI's), and other issues in an integrated way.
  • How you can ensure Compliance and Policy management by utilizing ServiceNow.
The webinar will provide you with a better understanding of how ServiceNow can be used to solve the challenges of GRC and IRM. Additionally, we will demonstrate how easy it is for you to implement the system, regardless of where you are in your Integrated Risk Management journey.
Date: Wednesday Dec 2nd
Time: 12 - 01 PM
Register now to watch it live or on demand – We will send out a recording of the webinar to our registered participants.
Speaker Info
Petter Jonsson
Petter is experinced in helping customers from industries such as Banking, Insurance and Retail. His speciality includes everything from managing Operational risk to Compliance and Audit with system support. By taking the complex matrix of all GRC components and integrating them together in a user friendly way. A step by step approach based on system support and new technology. 
David Hyborn
David is a Solutions Sales Manager at ServiceNow - Security Operations and GRC. David will cover the latest trends within GRC as well as upcoming functionality that will, together with modern technology, enhance the way of working with GRC.