Changing ecosystems - Opportunities and challenges in integrated research

Changing ecosystems - Opportunities and challenges in integrated research

Join the first INAR RI Ecosystems Scientific meeting at Oulanka Research station 20.-22.8.2018.


The purpose of the conference is to bring together ecosystems researchers in Finland and to give an update of ongoing environmental studies. The conference will cover research on different ecosystems, across scales and scientific disciplines. Both experimental and observational approaches are included and appreciated. One aim of the conference is to promote communication and community building of the Finnish ecosystem research, an important part of integrated infrastructure development both nationally and internationally. By participating, you will be experiencing the Big Bang of the Finnish integrative ecosystem research and contributing to it!


Please upload the brochure here,  it includes the registration link.


Looking forward to see you at Oulanka!
Jaana Bäck and Riku Paavola

More information:

Riku Paavola, riku.paavola(at)
Terhi Rasilo, terhi.rasilo(at)



INAR RI Ecosystems is the ecosystems part of the Institute for Atmospheric and Earth System Research focusing on terrestrial ecosystem and biodiversity research and covers ecological infrastructures in forests, peatlands, agricultural fields and catchment areas in subarctic, boreal and urban/agro-ecosystems. The activities of INAR RI Ecosystems include upgrading research infrastructures at various ecosystem observation stations and experimental stations and laboratories, coordination of their national activities and creation of deeper co-operation between them as well as between ecosystem researchers in Finland.