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Advanced Finance

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Advanced Finance


5 cr


  • Be able to obtain and refine financial data for analysis.
  • Be able to estimate necessary statistics parameters and test the normality of returns.
  • Have knowledge about the different financial investment opportunities in the market and evaluate their risk/return relationship.
  • Understand the essential assumptions and logic behind portfolio theory, and how to apply it on real market data, using optimization and modeling techniques.
  • Understand and apply Capital Asset Pricing Model principles on market data and financial portfolios.

Main Contents

  • Statistics treatment of financial data.
  • Assessment of financial market products.
  • Portfolio theory and CAPM


Completing the required sequense of assignments according the due date schedule.


100 % online, Moodle.

The course will be opened in Moodle on 30.5.2019 and students must log in the Moodle course at latest on 5.6.2019.

The course consists of two assignments. The deadline for both of them is 31.7.2019 till 23:55.

Grades are given by 31.8.2019.

Grading Scale

0 - 5

Course Material

Reading material and other video demos are provided in Moodle. Participants are encouraged to seek different sources of knowledge to complete the assignments.


Basic knowledge of finance, economics, mathematics and statistics.